hobbyDB App: Most-Scanned Funko Pop! Figures in May

We love a good shared exclusive! And so, too, do the users of the hobbyDB App.

Shared and retail exclusives were quite Pop!ular in May by collectors using the App’s barcode scanning technology to add items to their collections, perform quick, in-store research and lots more.

What was the No. 1 most-scanned item last month? We take a look!

What did you scan in May? Tell us below!

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Most-Scanned in May


15. Hercules with Action Figure (WonderCon)



14. Jinbe



13. Bam Bam Bigelow (Glow in the Dark) (Walmart)



12. I Care Bear (Walmart)



11. Miles Morales (Target)



10. Rocket Raccoon (Blacklight)



9. Fully-Hollowified Ichigo (Entertainment Earth)



8. Holographic Luke Skywalker (Entertainment Earth)



7. R2-D2 & R5-D4 (Galactic Convention)



6. KanoaTsuyuri (Barnes & Noble)



5. Eustass Kidd (WonderCon)



4. Taweret



3. Muichiro Tokito (Funkon ’22)



2. Red Hawk Luffy (AAA Anime)



1. Ariel (Diamond Collection)


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K man
K man
10 months ago

Your kidding right?

10 months ago
Reply to  K man

Did you scan others?

Christopher Wuensch
Christopher Wuensch
10 months ago
Reply to  K man

Kidding about what?

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