Exploring 60 Years of Alfa Romeo History at Italy’s Museo Fratelli Cozzi

Museo Fratelli Cozzi founder Pietro Cozzi

Our ongoing global pursuit of exquisite collections and museums returns us to Italy and an Alfa Romeo lover’s dream with the Museo Fratelli Cozzi.

Located in the Milan Province of Legnano, Italy, the Museo Fratelli Cozzi is the culmination of Pietro Cozzi’s love for the fabled Italian automobile…and lots more.

The museum tells the Alfa Romeo history through the lens of Pietro’s collection of more than 60 models that date back to the museum’s founding in 1955. Pietro carefully chose each model produced by the Biscione for its high-performance and/or unique equipment, as well as its collectability.

In addition to the impressive car collection, which includes an Alfa Romeo 155 Record and a Guilia TI Super, the Cozzi Lab is an archive for a wide range of collectibles and vintage items, such as: books, models, merchandising, photographs, posters, prints, technical drawings, trophies and vintage magazines, as well as maintenance and spare parts manuals.

Designed by architects Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, the museum is big and modern, but only open on select days each month. The next open house will take place at 5 p.m. on June 11. Dedicated openings for groups or private events are available.

Check out the official Museo Fratelli Cozzi home here! Make sure to leave yourself 1.5 to 2 hours to enjoy the entire museum.

Have you been? Tell us below! Planning on going? Take pictures and share with us!


Give it a look!

Visit the Museo Fratelli Cozzi!

*All images courtesy of Museo Fratelli Cozzi


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Michael Heralda
Michael Heralda
11 months ago

Nice photos of the museum! On a different topic, what can you share about the Alfa Logo and the snake eating a person? It’s an unusual image for a company’s logo.

11 months ago

Michael – the two parts of the Alfa badge represent Milan. The original badge actually had Milano underneath (until they opened factories in other cities). The red cross is the official symbol of the city (on its flag). The serpent eating a man is the symbol of the Visconti family, an important family 1000 years ago, which is seen on buildings all over Milan.

11 months ago

Great photos – I heard he ran the Alfa dealer near the factory in Arese for a long time and would keep one of each car for his own collection! Maybe one day I’ll get there!

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