Top-10 Most Valuable Collectible Starbucks Mugs and More

Why drink from a waxy, polyethylene coffee cup when you can sip in style? Sip and then collect.

If you’re looking to collect Starbucks coffee mugs, then hobbyDB is the perfect place to start. We’ve begun documenting every Starbucks mug from more than 25 different series (and counting), including from collections such as Art Deco, City Scenes and You Are Here. Click the Mug below to see them all!

So with more than 500 mugs (and counting) to choose from, we decided to examine the most valuable among them all.

Remember, estimated values tend to fluctuate, especially as we add more and more items and price points to ensure the guide’s accuracy. Also keep in mind that these are the values for items found solely on hobbyDB. Scroll below for more information on how you can help us build our Starbucks database. Follow this link for a current list of the Most Valuable Starbucks Mugs on hobbyDB.

Want to learn more? Click the link to read more about our Starbucks Mug Project!


Top-10 Starbucks Mugs


10. Russia ($250)



9. St. Petersburg ($350)

8. Giant Abbey ($450)



7. Blue Horse Tumbler Set ($500)



6. Swarovski Double Deck – North America ($500)

5. Tokyo ($630)

4. Seville ($650)




3. Swarovski Pumpkin Spice – 10th Anniversary ($720)



2. North Island ($750)


1. Puerto Vallarta ($1,770)


How bottomless is your fandom for Starbucks Mugs? Bring that passion to the hobbyDB Squad. Our team of volunteers helps to build and maintain the guide by adding items, price points and UPC codes, as well as curating subjects such as Starbucks.

In exchange, we’ll dress up your hobbyDB Showcase with exclusive badges, grant you access to our private message boards, provide sneak peeks and more. Message us at and we’ll get you started!

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