CGC Trading Cards Certifies Limited-Edition Larry Wood Hot Wheels Cards

hobbyDB recently asked CGC Trading Cards to certify our exclusive Hot Wheels collection from Larry Wood and the results are certifiably awesome.

Certified Pristine 10, to be exact.

The Ones That Got Away” is a 10-card set dedicated to the never-before-seen art of renowned Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood. And you can only find it exclusively via hobbyDB.

Check out the article that originally appeared on the CGC Trading Cards website –

From a limited-edition set created by Larry Wood and hobbyDB, the cards showcase some never-before-seen Hot Wheels designs that didn’t make it to production. Read on for a chance to purchase a set.

In the 1950s, a young Larry Wood was given an issue of Hot Rod Magazine by his father. The magazine introduced the boy to a whole world of vehicle customization, design and modification. He would go on to design and work on cars for years, until he was offered a design job for one of Mattel’s growing toy lines: a little thing called Hot Wheels.

Wood became the lead designer for Hot Wheels in 1969. Unlike other designers, Wood’s passion didn’t stop at designing cars — Larry loved cars for what they were, and designed Hot Wheels based not only on consumers’ wants, but also for himself. Some of his greatest designs, such as the Tri Baby, the ’49 Merc and the Ramblin’ Wrecker, are well-known in the Hot Wheels collecting community.

Though Larry Wood retired from Hot Wheels in 2009, he continued to work as a consultant until 2019 and still affiliates with the brand today.

To celebrate his time with the company, “Mr. Hot Wheels” and hobbyDB created a limited-edition set of trading cards showcasing some never-before-seen Hot Wheels designs that didn’t make it to production. The set is called “The Ones That Got Away” and includes 10 cards with hand-drawn designs by Larry Wood on the front and stories about each design’s significance on the back.

Don’t let them get away!

The Ones That Got Away is now available for purchase, while supplies last. Want to get a set for yourself? Click here to buy a set.

CGC Trading Cards® is honored to have graded each of the 10 cards available in the set. All of the cards are from the set’s first release, which is why there are no card numbers. Are you ready to submit your Hot Wheels cards to CGC Trading Cards? Learn how to submit by clicking here.

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Christine Crawford
Christine Crawford
1 year ago

Hot Wheels released a Walmart exclusive set of cars a few years ago that are the same type of thing – some cars designed by Larry Wood years ago but never made it to production. Well, until a few years ago. 🙄 They’re really sweet looking cars. And this card set is also very sweet!

Karl Klouzer
Karl Klouzer
1 year ago

You would think that brand new freshly produced cards should ALL be rated as a 10.

1 year ago
Reply to  Karl Klouzer

Right? It is interesting how production flaws made this such a thriving industry.

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