Global Toy News: Top-10 Bears of All-Time

Global Toy News has agreed to share some articles highlighting industry news, fun stuff and more. This week, GTN revisits one of their most popular posts from throughout the years and we can “bear”ly contain our excitement. Read more from Global Toy News on hobbyDB here!

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I wrote this article ten years ago and it has proven to be one of my most popular. So, I thought it would be fun to republish it and add a little whimsy to the weekend.

1. The Three Bears

This bear family which debuted in Goldilocks several hundred years ago is still with us today. They may just have been the bears that started it all.

2. Teddy Bear

Teddy Roosevelt didn’t know what he started when he spared the life of a bear while on a hunting trip. What did he start; the teddy bear business?

3. Winnie the Pooh

Probably the most recognized bear in the world.

4. Smokey Bear

Smokey, based upon an actual rescued bear, with his big round hat and shovel is the least warm and fuzzy of the top 10. He means business though and his business is stomping out forest fires. Start one and he looks like he may stomp you out.

5. Fozzie Bear

Kermit’s furry sidekick is a slapstick comedian whose signature pork pie hat and wide open mouth convey a Borscht Belt comedian of the 1960’s.

6. Yogi Bear

The name was based upon Yogi Berra, the Yankees catcher, but the character was that of a picnic lunch stealing vaudevillian. This 1960’s Hanna-Barbera character, accompanied by Boo Boo Bear, attempted a comeback in a quickly forgotten 2010 movie.

7. Berenstain Bears

I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with one of the creators Jan Berenstain(the other being her husband Stan), a few years ago. She recently passed away but I can still remember her telling me how their editor, Dr. Seuss, was the one who came up with the name Berenstain Bears.

8. Paddington Bear

A stowaway bear from Peru, Paddington is found in London’s Paddington station where he is adopted by the Brown family. He continues to please parents and children as a very polite and warm hearted character.

9. Rupert the Bear

No, not the Rupert from English artist Mary Tourtel (the English love bears, the British Toy Association even gives out a Golden Bear Award each year) but the Rupert from Family Guy. He belongs to Stewie, the oddly adult baby with a British accent (and yet another British / Bear connection).

10. Fat Bear

Each year, at the end of “Fat Bear Week” one bear is voted “Fat Bear.” Over one million votes are cast to determine which bear is the stoutest going into hibernation season. Let’s be grateful there is no Fat Human week.

So, let us know what you think of this ranking. Who did I leave out? Let me know.

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