Presidential Election and Political Collectible Pins, Pennants and More!

The next United States Presidential election is still many months away, but doesn’t stop us from wanting to run to the polls and cast our votes for our favorite Presidential Election collectibles!

Regardless of what side of the aisle your affiliation may reside, we can all agree that a nostalgic Presidential Election item can bring out the bipartisan in all of us.

Thanks to hobbyDB Member cdavidwilburn, hobbyDB is now the home to hundreds of Political Collectibles dating back through the decades from Barack Obama and Donald Trump to Nixon, Ike and lots more, including some candidates who couldn’t quite muster up enough support among the American people.

We decided to highlight some of our favorites new additions to hobbyDB.

What kind of Political Collectibles do you collect? Tell us in the comments below. Please remember that we’re discussing collectibles here, not politics, and civility is expected.

That’s enough filibustering! On to the Presidential Collectibles! We’ve included the hobbyDB Estimated Value where applicable.


March on Washington Pennant – $5,000



Lyndon B. Johnson Pin – $1,500



Harvey Milk for Supervisor (Red & Blue) – $350



Barack Obama (First Term) Bronze Medal – $160



Nixon Campaign Bracelet – $65



2024 Official Trump MAGA 47 Red Hat – $40



Ruth Bader Ginsburg – $20



Ronald Reagan Second Inaugural (1985) – $15



JFK / RFK Memorial Pendant – $15



Dukais President Pin – $12



Vote For Gore – Lieberman



Goober Peas for Carter – Mondale -$10



Perot 1992 President – Now We Have a Choice



Ike Lapel Pin



Re-Elect Bush 2004 “Don’t Gamble with America’s Future” – $5



Proud To Be Union Lapel Pin – $5



I Don’t Belong to Any Organized Party…I’m a Democrat



Democrats are Sexy – Who Ever Heard of a Good Piece of Elephant?


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