Legos, Legos and More Legos! Get Your Faves On Sale Here!

Who is ready for a new Lego build? We’re always on the hunt for great deals on our favorite Lego sets and beyond.

But where’s the fun in keeping these deals to ourselves? Scroll below for some fun Lego builds featuring the likes of Star Wars, Harry Potter and Jurassic Park to Disney and lots more.

After you purchase your new build, head over to hobbyDB and add it to your collection. Check out our entire Lego database on hobbyDB here!


Shop Lego!


Daisy Duck – $9.99

Escape from the Lost Tomb – $39.99



90 Years of Play – $49.99



Pegasus Flying Horse- $49.99



T. rex Breakout – $99.99



Space Roller Coaster – $109.99


Heavy-duty Tow Truck- $159.99


LEGO® Ideas Fender® Stratocaster – $199.99



X-Wing Starfighter – $239.99



Hogwarts” Icons – Collectors’ Edition – $299.99




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