Magic: The Gathering’s The One Ring Has Been Found and PSA Graded!

UPDATE!! The One Ring has been found!

The hunt for the elusive 1:1 card began on June 20 with the release of “Magic: The Gathering – The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth.”

The ultra-rare card caused quite the stir in the run up to the set’s release. First it was the card shop Dave & Adams in Williamsville, N.Y., posting a $1 million bounty for the card. They were soon topped by the Spanish game store Gremio de Dragones (Guild of Dragons), which offered a $2 million reward along with an all-expenses paid trip to Valencia.

Whether either of those bounties pay out remains to be seen. For now, the card’s owner is opting to remain anonymous.

The card grading company PSA confirmed the pull and awarded it a Mint 9 grade.

Are the owner of The One Ring?? Add it to your hobbyDB collection here!

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