Collect Them Now! Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Concert T-Shirts!

They got on line early, some arriving at the bewitching hour of 2:30 in the morning. They camped out with blankets, chairs and plenty of provisions as the line quickly lengthened behind them with the rising sun.

What bejeweled gift awaited them when those doors finally flung open? Was it the latest San Diego Comic-Con exclusive? Was it Black Friday?

…Ready for it?

It was the loyal “Swifties” of Taylor Swift fandom. And merchandise, not tickets, were the name of the game at the pop sensation’s recent Denver shows.

Swift’s “The Eras Tour” is THE concert experience of the year, selling more than 2.4 million tickets. That’s 2.4 million opportunities to head home with a Taylor Swift concert T-shirt.

So we here at hobbyDB couldn’t just shake it off and leave a blank space where Taylor Swift should be. So now after you leave the show with your new T-shirt, head to hobbyDB and add it to your collection!

Give them a look here!

Now comes the debate. Do you wear your Taylor Swift tee or do you preserve it for your collection?

After all, T-shirts from Swift’s The Eras Tour are fetching as much as $750 on eBay.

Aside from officially licensed Taylor Swift tour merchandise, you won’t find many Tay Tay collectibles outside of some posters, car fresheners and throw pillows.

Where are the Taylor Swift FiGPiNs? Or Funko Pop!s? Check out some Pop! Customs dedicated to Swift here!

At least there is hope for Taylor Swift’s Lego Lover House.

Do you collect Taylor Swift or any other musicians? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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