Youtooz Fans! Find and Track The Value Of Your Collection Now on hobbyDB!

Youtooz isn’t just making the internet come alive, it’s bringing the internet to your collection. And not in a digital NFT kind of way.

Since 2019, Youtooz has turned internet culture into exclusive…and definitely cute…vinyl figures. During that short time, the Canadian-based company has released more than 1,700 figures and become one of the most popular toy brands globally with more than 1 million collectors and 3 million followers on social media.

Which you’ll now find on hobbyDB, the proud new Official Archive for Youtooz. Here you’ll be able to peruse the entire Youtooz catalog and document your collection along with estimated values.

Get to Know Youtooz

Youtooz’ vinyl-ization of internet culture and beyond began with its first drops in 2019 featuring SwaggerSouls, Fritz and Tobyonthetele, all of which sold out in a few hours.

Initially the figures depicted iconic moments of the internet and YouTubers, before branching out into some of our favorite franchises such as Peanuts, Stranger Things and lots more.

Today Youtooz is partnered with the likes of Disney, Sony and even Mr. Beast, to GameStop, Entertainment Earth and lots more.

Check out this link to watch Youtooz’s process of crafting a figure from a sketch into a vinyl masterpiece.

Official Archives on hobbyDB

Youtooz joins a growing list of more than 60 brands entrusting hobbyDB as their Official Archives. That includes companies such as Funko, Minichamps and Maisto.

With Official Archives you’ll find every item (even the new ones!) from a brand’s catalog along with accurate information and detailed images.

Youtooz on hobbyDB

As the Official Archive, you’ll find more than 1,700 Youtooz items on hobbyDB, including the latest releases which will be added and updated regularly.

The hobbyDB team has also added more than 9,000 price points from retail to eBay and StockX, making the hobbyDB archive the most reliable guide when it comes to Youtooz.

The best part? Prices update daily, allowing you to track the value of your entire collection.

Ready to start adding Youtooz figures to your hobbyDB collection? Visit the Official Archives here!

How big is your Youtooz fandom? Tell, or, better yet, show us in the comments below! As always, we’re here to answer any questions. Message us at

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