CelebriDucks on hobbyDB! From Pond to Your Collection!

When it comes to many collectibles, there’s a debate about whether or not to open them or leave them in their original packaging.

With CelebriDucks, the debate is whether or not to toss them into the bathtub. There’s a great argument to be made for both cases.

We’re quacking about our latest addition to the hobbyDB pond…CelebriDucks and a cool new way for you to add them to your collection!!

Since its inception in 1997, CelebriDucks has hatched more than 300 ducks from a wide variety of our favorite franchises.

Each duck sits 4-inches tall, stretches 4.5 inches in length and is made from a soft rubber that’s PVC and latex-free.

Check out the Costume Quackers, the first wave of ducks on hobbyDB. Have a favorite? Is it Breaking Bath? Goosebusters or Pond Bombshell?

Get yours!

The neat part is, once you’ve found one on hobbyDB that you like, simply click the “Buy directly from CelebriDucks” icon. Our cool ducks are pointing to it in the graphic below. This link will take you directly to the CelebriDuck website where you can safely add it to your collection.

You’ll find this option located on every CelebriDucks page on hobbyDB. (And potentially more brands to come)

Once you’ve made your purchase, find your Duck on hobbyDB by visiting this link and add it to your collection.

That’s something to quack about!

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