Our Very Own Viljar Organizes an Exhibition on Estonian Model Cars

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Christian obsesses over collectibles, antiques and toys more than the average person, but (he believes) in a productive way. Documenting collectibles has been a passion since working on a book about his favorite childhood toys from Timpo 41 years ago.



My good internet friend Viljar just told me about his newest project and I felt I had to share it (and book a long overdue trip to Estonia to meet him in person!).

Estonia has had 3 toy companies, Norma, Salvo, and the Tartu Plastic Experimental Factory between 1960 and 1991. The exhibition will be in the beautiful Rakvere, in the North of Estonia, and shows Viljar’s amazing collection (if you want to go it will be in August and September).

Here are some pages from an old Norma catalog  –

Here are the various glass cases making up the Exhibition  –

And for fun here are the various models  –
Now I will have to ask him to add these to the database!
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