Top-10 Youtooz: Figures That Tell a Story

Danny Zabbal, the Creative Director for Youtooz, takes us through 10 of his favorite designs throughout the years. Scroll below for his list and make sure to check out the complete Youtooz Official Archives on hobbyDB.


I should begin by saying that I believe all Youtooz designs are unique and interesting. It’s the best part about working here.

They’re not just tchotchkes that hangout next to your gaming rig, they’re full of personality. Which is to say, they capture the imagination and tell a story.

For example, one of my favorite releases was Momo from Avatar the Last Airbender. It’s so cute, he’s just sitting there chilling, eating some fruit. I put him in the soil of a little money tree next to my TV and every time I glance he looks like he’s right at home.

So with that said, all the figures that stand out to me tell a good story –

10. Godzilla – Classic Godzilla Collection – This is a really great piece. He’s chomping down on a train with another one ready to go. It’s so rare to see a Godzilla figure where he’s actually in the middle of some chaos. Off the top of my head I can’t think of another figure that’s done that.



9. Rebecca – Cyberpunk Edgerunners Collection – So much energy coming out of this figure. The colors, the pose – everything just pops. Pure hyperbolic madness that really captures the character and the world.



8. Eddie Munson – Stranger Things Collection – The pose really captures an epic scene from the show and really brings to life Joseph Quinn’s heavy metal performance. You stare at it long enough and you can practically see him strumming his electric. Also, I think we all went to high school with a version of this guy and I have very fond memories of mine.



7. Nail on Head Patrick – Spongebob Collection – Patrick makes me laugh in cartoon form and meme form. To be honest, it’s hard to pick just one but I think our latest is my favorite. It’s a simple, hilarious figure that can actually make you real-life LOL if you stare at it for a while. I don’t know many collectibles that can do that.



6. Burntrap – FNAF Collection – With any of our FNAF designs it’s really hard to pick one. Off the top of my head I really enjoyed seeing Burntrap progress. He’s just so gross and scary, I love the complexity of the metal parts and sinewy veins. Sort of brings to mind The Terminator, except he’s better because he’s a bunny.



5. Mothra – Godzilla Collection – This is just a beautiful figure. Regardless of whether you’re interested in Godzilla or Kaiju, it’s one of our finest. The sense of weightlessness, the detailed fur, palette and wing designs bring her to life.



4. Scoops Ahoy – Stranger Things – I like this set because it makes me feel sentimental. It reminds me of hanging out with an old friend of mine. Whenever I look at this design I think it perfectly captures that magical feeling of goofing off at work with your best bud.



3. Cockroach – Spongebob Collection – Have you ever seen anything so cute before? Adorable.


2. King of FNAF Markiplier – It’s hard to express how huge this figure actually is in real life. It’s still 5 inches, like most of our releases, but it’s heavy and solid. It has a presence, like Markiplier himself. I love the pose and the moxie but my favorite part is the throne. We need to make more figures sitting on thrones.


1. Splinter – TMNT Collection – This is as close to perfect as it gets for me. Every once in a while our distinct Youtooz eyes just propel the design out-of-this-world. The pose, the sculpt fidelity and expression all harmonize perfectly; he looks so peaceful and meditative. This is not only one of my favorite Youtooz but it’s a treasured possession.

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