Model Car Historian Willy Washington’s Top-10 Hot Wheels of All Time

From the Desk of Willy Washington

Willy is a longtime Hot Wheels collector and model car historian. He wrote earlier about Steering Rigs on our blog and today he shares the Top-10 favorite models from his collection.



For Willy Washington, the rarer the better when it comes to collecting Hot Wheels. The renowned model car collector shares with us 10 of his favorite Hot Wheels models from decades of collecting.  As he has 90,000 this was not easy…  he chose 5 loose and 5 on card and here they are   –



The Porsche 959 is my favorite Porsche. I got it from Joe Wiggins.



The White Wall Truck Co. is extremely rare. The cab I got in a trade from Germany and the trailer was an eBay snag.



The Cadbury Range Rovers I never thought I’d ever own or ever see in person. So when I had the chance to buy them from Jeff Drew, I jumped on it.



No. 271 was the last number I needed to complete my numbered cars, so I had to grab it. So far, it’s the most I ever paid for a single Hot Wheels.



The Lamborghini Diablo was RAOK to me from a good friend who left the hobby.



The Food Service Truck with Gold Wheels is crazy rare.



Top Eliminator with Blackwalls is rare, the French-made version is not as common as the Redline version.

The Vetty Funny was high on my wanted list and was an eBay snag, while the ‘57 with Silver Hot Ones Wheels is a very rare and Blue Box issue only.






What are your Top-10 or least Top-1?

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9 months ago

Nice stuff! I have a long way to go to catch up with Willy’s collection!

9 months ago

Love the White Wall truck, who else has one of those (and please share a picture!).

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