And the Winner of Handmade by Robots’ Retooled Ghost Face is…

Handmade by Robots

Thanks to the collaboration between Handmade by Robots and hobbyDB, one lucky fan is actually going to be happy to see a knife-wielding Ghost Face arrive on their front step.

A special thanks goes out to everyone who took part in our latest contest to be the first person to own Handmade by Robots’ retooled version of Ghost Face. The new-look Ghost Face has a wavier robe, a more menacing knife pose and even a nose.

We asked fans to tell us which character they’d like to see Handmade by Robots create next. All told, more than 440 collectors chimed in for a chance to enter into the Ghost Face raffle.

And the first fan to own him is hobbyDB Member…Felix Whiteshield, aka Mando1140, from the appropriately named Devil’s Lake, North Dakota.

Felix chose Amazon’s The Boys as the characters he’d love to see Handmade by Robots make next.

HMBR Ghost Face Number Draw

This was the latest collaboration between Handmade by Robots and hobbyDB.

In May, we celebrated Handmade by Robots’ new Official Archive on hobbyDB by partnering to give away Robot 283362-1 Micro figures. With a limited edition of just 10, they were among the rarest Handmade by Robots exclusives ever.

Give them a look here, along with the Handmade by Robots Official Archive!

Thank you again to everyone who took part in the contest.

Stay tuned! There are more promos and collaborations planned for the near future between Handmade by Robots and hobbyDB!

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9 months ago


9 months ago

Wow, I am envious as I would have love’d to have that one. Hope it went to a good “home” 😉

Are you guys doing another one of these soon?

9 months ago

So you chose someone who named a whole show and not a single character? Wasn’t it to name a Character not Characters?

Felix Whiteshield
Felix Whiteshield
9 months ago

Thank you so much I really love it. It is going right on my shelf of collectables. I appreciate this so much. Thank you hobbydb you guys are awesome.

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