Veteran Collector and Builder Ed Davis and Decades of Model Cars, Planes and More!

Ed Davis is an expert and veteran collector and builder of model cars, tanks, airplanes and lots more. Today he shares 10 of his favorite models from decades of following his passion.



My name is Ed Davis. I have been collecting or building model cars, airplanes, trains, and military vehicles for many years, actually several decades. My 10 favorite models cover a diverse set of model types and scales.

The following photo shows some of my 1/64 scale train layout, and a wall-mounted shelf with 1/43 scale cars.


1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 Convertible in 1/43 Scale by Brooklin

This is my first Brooklin model. It has a beautiful gold finish; crisp separation lines between fenders, doors, hood; and many plated parts. I liked it so much, I bought another Brooklin, then another, then another, etc. The setting for this picture is a Sinclair Gas Station. The gas pumps are made by Brooklin. I designed and made the building from LEGOs.


1941 Buick Century Convertible in 1/43 Scale by Western Models Collector Edition

With a nice maroon finish and plenty of detail, I believe this model represents one of the best pre-WW2 Buick designs.


1962 Oldsmobile Starfire Convertible in 1/43 Scale by Conquest

This model is one of the most recent ones from Conquest. It is one of my favorite 1/43 model cars due to overall finish, nicely painted and detailed interior, and it is from the early 1960’s. Most of my favorite car designs are from early 1960’s. The Sinclair Gas Station again is in the background.


1970 Buick GSX Hardtop in 1/43 scale by Brooklin for ElMo Models

Excellent body casting and beautiful paint make this a great representation of an American muscle car.


1954 Mercury Sun Valley in 1/64 Scale by M2 Auto-thentics

Nicely detailed; excellent paint, and opening doors and hood with good shut lines make this mildly customized Mercury great to look at. The setting for the picture is a Gulf Gas Station on my train layout. This was a resin kit I made about 25 years ago from Des Plaines Hobbies located in Des Plaines, Illinois.


1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator in 1/64 Scale by Ertl

The American pony cars from late 1960’s and early 1970’s are my favorite American cars, and this Cougar is a great example. For a 1/64 scale model made many years ago, it has detail not normally found on 1/64 scale models at that time. This includes separate plated parts for front and rear window trim and chassis detail. The setting is the Platt Bros Auto Parts store on my train layout. It is a resin kit I made from Twin Whistle Sign & Kit Co.


C8 Corvette in 1/64 Scale by TSM Models and MiJo

Today, models are being produced in 1/64 scale with amazing detail. This is a recent purchase of a C8 Corvette by TSM models and is a MiJo Exclusive. Its level of detail rivals that of larger scales.


M41 Walker “Bull Dog” Tank in 1/72 Scale by Hobby Master

There are many highly detailed military vehicle models, which are produced in several scales. I have a small collection in 1/72 scale. My favorite is the M41 used by the US and its allies in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It has nice detail, and I just like the overall design of the tank.


P-40C in 1/48 Scale by Carousel 1

This model I purchased around 2005. Carousel1 made a limited number of WW1 and WW2 airplane models between approximately 2005 and 2009. They featured lots of detail, nice overall finish, and landing gear, which was easy to install and remove. The latter is not always the case with diecast model airplanes. The specific model represents the plane George Welch flew during the Pearl Harbor attack, when he was one of the few American pilots to engage in attacking Japanese planes. The setting for this photograph uses a photo I took at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum in Hawaii.


P-51D by Dragon Wings and P-51B by Gemini, both in 1/72 Scale

For my tenth model, I have a tie. The P-51 Mustang is my favorite airplane, and I could not decide which version to show, so here are two. On the left is a P-51D by Dragon Wings, and on the right is a P-51B by Gemini. Both feature plenty of detail and nice finish. The setting is the airport on my 1/64 scale train layout showing a simulated air show display. The cars and people in the photo are 1/64 scale, but still display well with the 1/72 scale airplanes.

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9 months ago

Ed – great mix of small and big, cars and planes! You have some great collections!

Ed Davis
Ed Davis
9 months ago
Reply to  Karl

I am glad you like the post.

John Kuvakas
John Kuvakas
9 months ago

Great article Ed. I love your diversity!

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