Hot Wheels Kinder Surprise in Spain, not my cup of tea

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Saw these Hot Wheels Kinder Eggs Grocery Shopping in Spain  –


With that promising packaging I had to get a few of them  –


Lots of chocolate (but not the best)  –


Lots of packaging  –


Here are the first ten toys where I had no idea of how they were possibly connected to Hot Wheels (the one on the bottom right is a snail…) –

Very, very lame


And now some that are Hot Wheels-branded, starting off with a Hot Wheels Arm Sweat Band  –

Yes, that is just a sticker on that armband…


Then this Eraser (possibly the best of the lot)  –

There is even a Bone Shaker, so these are not so bad
(but model cars would have been better)


And finally, what should be the highlight…

3D Cars with Stickers…  just the worst


I think you need to be a very die-hard Hot Wheels fan to want to have these.  Luckily, I know one!  I will send them to Mike Zarnock who is in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest Hot Wheels collection, he will need to have this to be complete.  And to Mattel, I would like to say protect your IP better than that.  I would have been disappointed if I was a 7-year-old Spanish boy!  Heck, I was disappointed as a 50+-year-old German boy!

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8 months ago

I’ll take the wine and cheese, por foavor!

Mike Zarnock
Mike Zarnock
8 months ago

Thank you!! I would love to have them! We don’t get these in the USA… There are so many things like this around the world that we don’t get…

8 months ago

In Spain, we always find the way of giving toys to promote other products. The following one is a good example from my childhood.

Ron R
Ron R
8 months ago

Those are sad. I now has a sad.

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