hobbyDB Squad Record Weekend is Now Underway!

Keeping hobbyDB and its database up-to-date and fresh is no easy task.

And it could not be done without the help of the hobbyDB Squad. Our team consists of thousands of volunteers who work tirelessly to add items and price points, as well as curate subjects and so much more.

You might notice a swell in items and price points over the next few days as our Squad embarks on its first hobbyDB Record Weekend.

From Saturday to Sunday, our team from around the globe (some have already started!) will add items and prices and perform some site cleanup.

Each task garners individual points, which we tally into a cumulative score. When we play host to our next Record Weekend in the coming weeks and months, we’ll attempt to break that mark.

Individually, each participating member performing a certain amount of tasks will earn exclusive badges for their hobbyDB Showcase. The top-10 point earners receive a special badge!

Previous hobbyDB Squad Record Day winners include hobbyDB members MR.splinter, Fjaviserr and Demiroff!

How passionate are you when it comes to collecting? Bring that expertise – be it Funko, Hot Wheels or something else awesome – to the hobbyDB Squad.

Squad members are part of an intimate community that receives sneak previews and shares their insights into hobbyDB via our private Facebook pages and beyond. Read more about the hobbyDB Squad here.

Does this sound like a team for you? Message us at support@hobbydb.com and we’ll get you started!

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