Top-10 Favorite Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetles, Busses and More

Jasper Bynens is an expert when it comes to Hot Wheels, Tarmac Works and PGM. And now the hobbyDB shareholder is sharing his affinity and knowledge of model cars with a list of his Top-10 Volkswagen Hot Wheels.


What would you pick if you could choose a car?


  • The latest new (super)car with the newest technology?


  • A nice oldie, a classic car, a car with character, a car where you specially turn down your radio just to listen to the sound of the engine revving. A car that is still build to last forever.


I always will pick a nice oldie above the newest (super)car. The older cars just appeal more to me. Everybody’s own taste, it’s just the same as in collection diecasts.

So when you look at my “Top 10 Hot Wheels Volkswagens” you will mostly see older Volkswagens like the T1, T2, T3, Bug, Caddy, Karmann Ghia…


Jasper Bynens Top-1o VW’s


Number 10 – Hot Wheel Volkswagen Deluxe Station Wagon – Scale 1:87 (2008)

I’m fascinated how small castings can be and still can be nicely detailed. When I saw the 1:87-serie of the HW Volkswagens I couldn’t resist getting all of them. There are 3 bugs made in the colors and 1 Deluxe Station Wagon. These were released in 2008 and came in an acrylic boxes.

My favorite of the bunch is the little Deluxe Station Wagon.

Here a comparison with a Microbus and Drag Bus.


Number 9:  Hot Wheels Volkswagen ’58 Panel Bus/ Volkswagen Bus/ Folkvagnsbuss (2006)

Hot Wheels has few 1:50 Volkswagen series and they look great! Too bad these are so hard to find! My favorite casting of all of the 1:50’s is a panel bus of the Rat Rods series that came out in 2006.


Number 8: Hot Wheels Volkswagen T2 PickUp – Red Edition (2018)

Also a very beautiful casting is the HW Volkswagen T2 Pickup. If I had to choose my most desirable T2 pickup, it would be the Red edition of 2018.


Number 7: Hot Wheels Volkswagen Karmann Ghia – 8th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention (2008)

The Karmann Ghia can’t be missed it this list. Love the bodylines on this car and the Hot Wheels casting of this looks awesome. I like flames and this casting just looks badass. The colors and wheels on this casting look make’s it my favorite Karmann Ghia.

This casting is released at the 8th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention in Chicago. The casting was a limited production of 3.000 units to support the Children’s Miracle Network.


Number 6: Hot Wheels Volkswagen Custom Beetle – Ultra Hots (2007)

At number 6 we have the custom beetle! Another great casting by Hot Wheels. If I had to choose a favorite of this casting the first run would be the winner. The 2 Custom Beetles of the Ultra Hots-serie are HOT! My favorite colors are red and black soooo this one is my favorite of the 2:


Number 5: Hot Wheels Volkswagen Drag Bus – Mongoose & Snake Drag Race Set (2005)

This is a drag bus remake of the Mongoose & Snake Drag Race Set released in 2005. In the box you’ve got 2 gorgeous drag busses, a drag strip and 2 parachutes to attach to the drag buses. Love this set!


Number 4: Hot Wheels Volkswagen Drag Bus – RLC Exclusive – Candy Striper (2021)

This drag bus was sold out so quickly on this RLC site, within 3 minutes this one was sold out.

I didn’t had luck but I needed to have this casting. One of my favorite Hot Wheels colors and like the decals on this one! 20.000 unites were produced and sold exclusively on the RLC website to their members in 2021.


Number 3: Hot Wheels Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus – Fatlace (2017)

My all-time favorite Hot Wheels casting. The T1 Panel bus. My Top 10 was very hard for me not to put more T1 Panels on. But the Fatlace couldn’t be excluded from this list!


Number 2 – Hot Wheels Volkswagen Kool Kombi – Special Edition (2013)

Kool Kombi’s are such fun little castings! My holy grail will always stay the M&M’s version that came out in 2013. At the time it was already hard to find for me here in Europe for an affordable price and these were limited to just 4.000 pieces. Year after year I see them become more and more expensive, insane!  I waited too long in the hope I would find this one for an affordable price. In 2020, I said “FUCK IT, I need to have it!”.

I just like it too much and I just need to have it one day and how longer I wait, the more expensive it will get.


Number 1: Hot Wheels Volkswagen T1 Panels Bus – 34th Annual Collectors Convention (2020)

Like I already said is the T1 Panel Bus my favorite Hot Wheels Casting + I’m a fan of flames. The combo of these two brings me to my all-time favorite Hot Wheels Volkswagen Casting.

This beauty came out in 2020 for the LA Annual Hot Wheels Convention. These were limited to 4.500 pieces so it was not easy to get my hands on this one. This is the first numbered T1 Panel bus and look at the gorgeous color combo on this cutie!

Casting + Color + Decals = makes it all 🙌💯!!!

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