The Remarque-able Funko Pop! Box Customs of Cam Artin Creations

We love to highlight new artists and customizers! In the case of Cam Artin Creations, the remarques are simply remarkable. Or is it “remarque-able?”

Introducing Cam Artin Creations, owned and operated by artist and entrepreneur Cameron A. Martin.

Cameron pours years of experience at premier special effects companies along with a keen artistic vision into creating breathtaking designs for collectors of art and pop culture.

Among his specialties is crafting hand-painted custom images on Funko Pop! boxes, a technique commonly known as “remarques.”

Cameron studied at Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, Calif., prior to taking his talents to several prominent special effects companies.

He worked for Alliance Studio (now Steve Wang’s Onyx Forge Studio) and projects for Netflix’ “Scream” and Blizzard Entertainment’s “Grommash Hellscream” and “Tracer,” before moving to KNB Effects Inc. and shows such as “The Walking Dead” and “Predators.”

All of which helped him hone his artist style and eye.

Each remarque features Cameron’s unique design wrapped around the front and side of the box.

His first remarque debuted in October, 2020, with Pikachu, followed by Zombie Mysterio, Vegeta, Bulbasaur and Krillin.

Since then, he’s created close to 280 unique remarques from franchises such as Marvel, Star Wars and lots more.

And now you can find them all on hobbyDB by following this link!

Like what you see? Head to the official Cam Artin home to add yours to your collection!

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