hobbyDB Collector Showcase: The Super Supernatural Collection of chadwill!

With more than two decades of collecting under his belt, hobbyDB member chadwill is beginning to run out of space for it all!

For this hobbyDB member of six years, it was love at first sight with the confluence of Funko and the television series “Supernatural.”

Today, chadwill takes us on a tour of his super collection as part of our latest Collector Showcase! Check out the chadwill hobbyDB Showcase here!

Over to you, chadwill!!


What was your first Funko Pop! and what got you hooked?

I started collecting in 2000. Mainly Star Wars and Marvel Legends. I collected mostly variants and exclusive Star Wars figures and the same with Marvel Legends Toybiz line. I slowed down collecting for a little bit and one day I walk into Hot Topic and see my favorite television shows, Supernatural, characters and that’s how I started collecting Funko’s.


How big would you estimate your collection is?

I have almost all of the Supernatural characters. The rest of my Funko’s are all exclusive, limited, numbered or convention figures. All of them have an exclusive sticker of some type. My collection consists of 1,958 Funko Pop!s, Minis, Pint Size, Soda’s and a few Dorbz.

My Funkos are currently valued at a little over $35,000 according to hobbyDB. I have an entire room that I’m in the process of displaying my collection. ALL my figures are unopened in-box. I don’t collect out-of-box. I buy protectors for all my figures and have them currently displayed in my room, my closet and the spare bedroom that I’m working on where everything will eventually go. I’m in need of shelving, I have many high dollar figures that deserve a glass case.


collector showcase


Is there a specific line of Pop!s that you collect?

My favorite figures are from the Supernatural line. Like I said before, I have every Supernatural Pop! and Mini Funko has made, including the exclusive Mini of Dean (Gym Teacher) and Bloody Castiel, the HMV exclusive 2-pack of Sam and Dean and Sam and Dean both in Baby.


What’s your most valuable Pop!?

I have quite a few high dollar Pop!s. Currently my grail is, Hollow Ichigo GameStop exclusive from their Anime day. It’s currently valued at $530. Any Pop! I have that is $100 or more I put them in Hard Stacks.



What’s a Pop! that your collection is missing?

I need three Pop!s to complete my Supernatural collection. They are the NYCC and SDCC exclusive 3-pack of Sam, Dean and Crowley and lastly the Hot Topic exclusive Sam in FBI Uniform.


collector showcase


What do you consider your grail and do you own it?

Currently my grail is, Hollow Ichigo GameStop exclusive from their Anime day. It’s currently valued at $530. Any Pop! I have that is $100.00 or more I put them in Hard Stacks.


collector showcase


Why collect Funko?

The reason I collect Funko is the selection and of course the thrill of the hunt. I get such a thrill when I find a chase in the wild. But I am picky about my boxes. I have walked away from many exclusives and chases because of a damaged box.

Thanks, chadwill!! Looks great!

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