Top-10 Most Valuable Timpo Toys Swoppet Sets

Timpo Toys was an English toy company created in 1938 as Toy Importers Company or TIMPO, for short, by Salomon Gawrylovotz, a German who emigrated to Great Britain. The company manufactured various toys out of wood, bakelite and composition until the end of the Second World War.

Following WWII, Timpo started to make its own ranges of hollowcast metal toy soldiers and diecast model cars.

In 1954 the company started making products in plastic and concentrated on its figure ranges in 1:32 Scale where it made first Solids and then Swoppets (where you could exchange parts). It is estimated that the company made more than 40 million figures before going bankrupt in 1979. The forms were sold to various parties including Michael Mordaunt-Smith and Toyways (both of which used the forms to produce more items).

Below is a list of 10 of Timpo’s most valuable Swoppet sets found on hobbyDB so far. We are still missing a lot of Timpo Toys products, let us know if you would like to help with this part of the database. Message us at!


Top-10 Timpo Swoppet Sets

An interesting Mix of bigger earlier Wild-West sets and later WWII sets (plus the famous Eskimo village, also a late set).

10. Mexican Buckboard with Five Figures – $450



9. Tank Attack – $460



8. Doctor Thaddeus Trip Wagon with Five Figures – $480



7. Modern Army Train Set – $490



6. Jail Wagon with Five Figures – $510



5. Eskimo Village – $590



4. Commando Raid- $760



3. Buggy with Five Cowboys – $920



2. U.S. Cavalry Buckboard with Five Figures – $990



1. Fort Sahara – $1,300





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