Youtooz and hobbyDB Break the Mold with Exclusive Prototype Giveaways

hobbyDB and Youtooz have teamed up once again with not one, but THREE exclusive Youtooz Prototypes.

And you can win one of them (for folks that have no time, the first one by liking the Youtooz page on hobbyDB here!

This is the opportunity to show off your Youtooz fandom and be one of just three people that will add a Senku, Shrek or a Flocked Bonnie prototype to their collections – the latter which will be announced on the Boozetooz YouTube channel.


Get to Know Youtooz

Youtooz got its start in 2019 with vinyl figures dedicated to internet culture. From there they rapidly expanded courtesy of partnerships with Disney, Sony and even Mr. Beast, as well as GameStop, Entertainment Earth and lots more.

From there, the Youtooz phenomenon was born with many iconic figures from our favorite franchises. Follow this link to check out Youtooz Creative Director Danny Zabbal’s top-10 figures that tell a story.


Youtooz x hobbyDB

Youtooz and hobbyDB first partnered in July of 2023 to create the Official Youtooz Archives.

Today you’ll find every Yootooz figure ever listed on hobbyDB, with more than 1,700 items to choose from, including new releases. With hobbyDB, you can track the value of your Youtooz collection in real time. That’s thanks to more than 9,000 price points.

Ready to start adding Youtooz figures to your hobbyDB collection? Visit the Official Archives here!

Now! Onto the fun stuff!


The Contests –

Ready to win an exclusive Youtooz figure?

Youtooz and hobbyDB are raffling off three Youtooz Prototypes. But you’re going to have to earn it if you want to win Senku, Shrek or Flocked Bonnie – which will be raffled off one per week for the next three weeks.

So stay tuned to hobbyDB!


Week 1 (Oct. 12-18) – Senku Prototype

Welcome to hobbyDB, home of Youtooz’ Official Archives! Here you can track every Youtooz figure in your own personal collection. And coming soon, the ability to see new Yootooz models and other updates from the company. To be eligible to win the Senku Prototype, all you have to do is “like” the Youtooz subject page on hobbyDB. That will enter you into a raffle to win Senku.


Week 2 (Oct. 19-25) – Shrek Prototype

Now that you’ve found the Youtooz subject page, we want you to start building your collection. To be eligible to win the Shrek Prototype, we’d like you to “like” the Youtooz subject page (if you haven’t done so already) and add a Youtooz item to your personal hobbyDB Collection. Do that and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win Shrek.



Week 3 (Oct. 26- Nov. 1) – Flocked Bonnie Prototype

Here’s where we’re going to test your Youtooz fandom. We want to see your Youtooz-themed hobbyDB Showcase.

The Showcase that best takes advantage of the Showcase features and options to display their Youtooz fandom will claim the Flock Bonnie Prototype. Follow this link for some tips to snazz up your Showcase.

The winner will be determined by a three-judge panel consisting of Youtooz’ Danny Zabbal, hobbyDB’s Christian Braun and the Boozetooz YouTube channel.

More From Youtooz & hobbyDB

Need to pass the time while our judges make their decision? Check out some YouTube videos from our friends at Boozetooz, then stay tuned to their channel where we’ll announce our winner. More details to come!

We’ll keep you up-to-date regarding contest rules, dates and winners, plus lots more, via the hobbyDB Blog.

Make sure to visit the Official Youtooz Archives here!

We’re happy to answer any questions. Message us at

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8 months ago

Oh boy

Nichole DisingerPerdue
Nichole DisingerPerdue
8 months ago

Goodluck everyone!

8 months ago

Now I want one of those…

Tom Milczarski
Tom Milczarski
8 months ago

Yootooz can win.

7 months ago

well, if nothing I’ve learned how to make different showcases 😀

allen michel
allen michel
7 months ago

im late for the first give away but im here now

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