Buy All of Your FiGPiNs Directly From hobbyDB!


We have some exciting news from our hard working hobbyDB Squad!

You’ll now find more than 250 active direct links between the FiGPiN Shop and the hobbyDB database.

That means you can purchase your FiGPiN directly from its hobbyDB item page! Just look for the button!

With 257 direct links already, we hope to have the entirety of the FiGPiN Shop actively linked to hobbyDB before the end of next week.

A special thanks goes out to hobbyDB Squad member DekuPops for his tremendous efforts in building and maintaining the FiGPiN database and beyond. That includes more than 1,300 items added and 5,011 prices assigned.

An added bonus is that every FiGPiN on hobbyDB now has a UPC code. That means every FiGPiN is now scanable via the hobbyDB App.

Have you downloaded the hobbyDB App? With its barcode scanning tech, you can easily add your new FiGPiNs to your hobbyDB collection. Android and iOS versions available. Click here to download yours!

What type of FiGPiNs does your collection need? Tell us below in the comments!

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