State of the hobbyDB App: Upgrades, New Features and More


The hobbyDB App and its barcode scanning tech has always been the perfect tool for easily building and researching your collection.


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(the video is still based on an earlier version of the App)


Now, with the new 4.0 version of the hobbyDB App freshly released on iOS (Android to follow soon), we’re taking your collecting experience up another notch and opening up the hobbyDB universe with a few simple clicks.


hobbyDB App 4.0

With the new-look hobbyDB App, you’ll still find the ability to scan your UPCs and unique barcodes, in addition to a much more prominent link to our ever-growing market and finding direct links to your Showcase, Collection and Wish List.

We’re excited to announce that you’ll now also find access via the App to our hobbyDB Retail Network, where we’re revolutionizing shopping for your favorite collectibles. More on that below.


Arriving Soon to the App

There are many great new features, upgrades and more coming soon to the App –


1. Activity Stream on the App

See real-time notifications of new items from Brands or Designers you follow, significant value changes for items you own, new items from your favorite sellers and more on the App!


2. More hobbyDB Retail Network Shops!

As mentioned above, you’ll already find the first eight of our Brick & Mortar stores via the App as part of our hobbyDB Retail Network.

Access them by simply clicking the hobbyDB Retail Network button, locate your desired retailer from the list…then shop away. You can then have those items shipped to you or picked up at their location to save postage!

We’ll be adding hundreds of more shops to create a full-fledged network of retailers, first across the U.S. and then internationally.


3. Image Matching

We’ve all been there. We have an item or even a spare part, but we just don’t quite know its name or other important details. With our new Image Matching feature, you’ll be able to easily locate an item via the hobbyDB database.


4. Discussion pages

We will bring the ability to chat to other members on Database Items pages, Showcases, Brand pages and more!


Adding/Upgrading Your App

The hobbyDB App is currently available in both Android and iOS versions.

We released Version 4.0 for iOS yesterday and your phone should have updated overnight.

Our Android version is still on Version 3.5. We expect to release 4.0 at the end of November.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. Share your thoughts below or message us at with any questions, concerns or kudos.

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7 months ago

Great to see quality of life improvements. Looking forward to play with it.

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