Mom & Pop Shop: Collector’s Cave at Bellevue Beer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We’re bellying up to the bar for our latest Mom & Pop! Shop Showcase! We love to highlight our favorite local brick & mortar stores where community is just as important as the collectibles they sell. Today we visit with Collector’s Cave at Bellevue Beer, a secret gem located at 4489 Ohio River Blvd. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Give their shop a look here!!

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When did the Collector’s Cave open? And where are you located?

We opened March of 2016. We are located inside Bellevue Beer! Yes, we share space with a beer distributor but have our own entrance.

What’s the inspiration behind the Collectors Cave and how did the concept come about?

We were collectors first. The beer store had some empty rooms that would be perfect to sell the Funkos. We were able to get a Funko contract, which allowed us to order a wide range of Pop!s for all kinds of collectors.

We were able to use one of the rooms for the new Pop!s that were just released and called that room the Cave. Then the second room we used for the vaulted/exclusive/high end Pop!s and call that room the Cave of Wonders (like from Aladdin).

The rest is history!

Describe the Collectors Cave to someone who has never been.

A fun atmosphere for all collectors that has literally something for everyone, whether they are new to Funko or have been collecting for years. It’s the best hidden secret in Pittsburgh!

Who are your biggest fans/customers?

We have a great customer base and appreciate every single person that shops with us, whether in store or on WhatNot. We even have a private group for our highest loyalty card customers.

Do you exclusively sell Funko?

We also sell Pokémon cards.

What do you guys personally collect?

We do! Our main collections are Disney and Game of Thrones!

What got you hooked on Funko?

The vast range of fandoms that Funko appeals to, and they are constantly coming out with new molds and characters!

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