My Top-10: The Best Funko Pop! Prototypes

Expert Funko collector John Krajnovich, aka hobbyDB member johnk720, shares his Top-10 favorite Funko Pop! prototypes and more!

I started my Funko collection years ago when one of my coworkers got me one for a present and the rest was history. I’m a big baseball card and sports memorabilia collector so this just fit.

Soon I had almost every Funko Mini there was before moving on to Pints, which I completed. Then it was on to Sodas. After I broke the 10,000 piece point on my collection, I started on Protos and that has been a crazy fun and exciting turn of events.

Proto world is a whole other section and group and you become closer and become friends with a bunch of great people. And they always look out for you and help you grow. We’re a very close family now.

Since Protos:
I’m not the Music Proto King with 126 total
Dorbz King with 276 total


Top-10 Prototypes


1. The Beatles



One of my most expensive sets. This was listed for sale in one of our Facebook groups and this set comes around once in a lifetime so I had to jump on it and so happy I did, this will be one of my most cherished sets and has the yellow Submarine which I have never even seen one before this set.


2. Linkin Park



When this came out, both me and one of my good friends both fell in love with this bank and both wanted proto. When one was given away at a Funko event and the winner was selling, my friend got him, even though I really wanted, but as a great friend he kept searching for a second one and with in a few weeks he found it and helped me to get him. So I’m forever grateful to him and what the Proto world represents.


3. Snow Miser & Heat Miser Soda Protos



So these came out early on for Soda Protos and were the most sought after. They sold for $5,000 the first time and because of their unique colors and very hard to find and have become a permanent part of my collection.


4. Warner Bros Mini Set



So being a Mystery mini fan and my first love, and growing up these were very popular cartoons for me and loved them all and when a very good friend from the Funko community reached out and wanted to sell the first seven of them I jumped at the chance and have been trying to complete for past year.


5. Michael Jordan Slam Dunk



Well this one will be easy to know why it’s one of my top ten faves. I’m from Chicago and grew up watching the Bulls and Jordan and there is nothing bigger in Chicago than Michael Jordan. When a good friend reached out to me and gave me the chance to get him, there was no question I grabbed him and will cherish him for a lifetime.


6. Kiss: Demon Robot Proto



This is one of my fav’s besides the fact I love Kiss and grew up watching them, seen in concert five times and this goes out to the retro old time collectors, this came out in 2012 and is 10 inches tall and looks so cool and always will be in my top ten.


7. Super Large Biggie



This is a 10 inch oversized Biggie the legend and Biggie pops and protos are all hot hot hot ones and are super hard to get, the originals are all very hard to find and super expensive and this one is one of my tops because its oversized and the three way deal to make this happen was next to impossible to get done.


8. Elvis Presley



The King. Enough said. LOL. His pops and protos are very rare and growing up and my moms favorite person in the world and would have left my dad for him if the offer was ever there just like a million other women out there. This proto is one of his originals and very very expensive one, he is part of my life growing up and this proto will be part of it now.


9. But not last by all means…Freddy Funko himself



Freddy Funko is the most popular Funko there is and to have one of their protos is amazing in itself, but helped another Funko friend get his Retro evil Freddy’s and in return he helped me get these Retro Freddy’s. I grabbed that huge Freddy Skeletor Proto a while back to complete my Freddy collection.


10. Justin Timberlake


This one has a funny story. So I was trying to buy it on a Facebook group posting and I was first one to comment which by rules I should have got it, but for some reason he sold it to someone else and I kinda yelled at him and said that is not the way Proto world works.

Weeks later I get a message from a legendary Proto world friend and he tells me he got me an early Christmas gift and I was like blown away by this, so he sent it to me and he said I had to wait for Christmas to open.

So I put it under the tree and waited a few weeks for Christmas and I opened it to find out he was the one that bought this from that guy and told him what he was doing but the guy couldn’t tell me. After Christmas I had to reach out to that guy and tell him that I was so sorry for yelling at him….LOL….He said he was laughing about it at the time knowing I was getting it anyways. Another great Funko Proto story!

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7 months ago

Impressive collection.  

7 months ago


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