The History of Zaragoza’s Nacoral Toys in Colombia During the 1970s

Miguel Soto and the French magazine Passion 43eme share some history of a relatively little-known facet of the international development of the Zaragoza brand: the production of Nacoral toys in Colombia in the 1970s.

Texts and Images via Miguel Soto


It is the creator of Nacoral himself who, during some interviews that I had with him in Madrid and Toledo during the month of November 2015, provided me with many details with precision and kindness. Adolfo Olloqui retains, despite the passage of time, a vivid memory of his Colombian company and, although his current work concerns mostly telecommunications, he retains an unalterable affection for toys made a long time ago.

On May 26, 1969, four South American countries signed the Cartagena Agreement, which led to the Andean Pact, an attempt at an Economic Community. In Colombia, the Financial Corporation of the Orient created an institution to promote the development of the region and granted, with the collaboration of the Inter-American Development Bank, the concession of loans to foreign companies.

It was then that Fábrica Iberoamericana de Juguetes Nacoral, S.A., decided to set up a factory in Cúcuta, the main city of the Colombian department of Norte de Santander, Spain being less profitable at the time, the new company could serve all of Latin America.


Simca 1000, ref. 2001. The phrase Fabricado en Colombia replaces the original “Made in Spain.”


Renault 4, ref. 2002. The name of the country, Colombia, replaces “Made in Spain.”


Mercedes 250 SE, ref. 2012. The word Colombia replaces “España.”




Pegaso Car carrier, reference 2016. In Colombia it was called “camión niñera,” that is to say, nanny truck. Fabricado en Colombia, based on Pegaso, reference 2016.


Ford Mustang, reference 2019. The word Colombia replaces España


Renault 10, reference 2015. The word Colombia replaces España


The Spaniards provide the machines, the dies as well as qualified personnel to start the new project. Finally, it all began on February 15, 1973. The offices were located in Cúcuta street 10, numbers 0-71, and the factory on avenue 1, between streets 10 and 11. The factory operated like this for three years.

In 1976 Chile announced its withdrawal from the Pact Andin and Adolfo Olloqui then decided to sell their share of the company to the Corporation Financière de l’Orient. Other Nacoral factories, located in Venezuela, Argentina (Tucumán) and Mexico will also cease production.



The small cans next to the rear door are those of the zamak model from the Inter Cars series. The word Colombia replaces España.



This is the model ref. 115 of the Inter Cars zamak series, but never made in Spain in plastic, which makes this miniature the rarest from Nacoral.



This is really the 2027 reference, from the Spanish Guardia Civil, but naturally in Colombia the markings have been removed from the doors and the roof plate.



Land Rover Tow Truck, reference 2026. It carries the side cans which belong to the Nacoral models in zamak.



Land Rover Zoo, reference 2026. In Spain it was green with black stripes, safari decoration. Here we chose the blue tone of the Spanish Land Rover tow truck.


Irresistible Chiqui Cars

Nacoral manufactures two types of toys: some in plastic (polystyrene) and others in zamak. The purpose of this article is to contribute to the knowledge of 1/43 scale models made in plastic, with the series well known in Spain under the name Chiqui Cars (see Passion 43ème n° 5 and 6). According to Adolfo Olloqui, Colombia manufactures most of the models of this series of around 30 models, but only a few references have reached us.

The quality of the models is equivalent to Spanish productions, the front doors of the cars can be opened and the engraving is excellent. The differences between the Colombian models and the Spanish ones are indicated in the caption of the photos. Other toys Nacoral were also produced in Colombia. Less famous than the Dinky Toys from South Africa or the Solido from Brazil and Argentina, the Nacoral from Colombia can form a very interesting collection theme for the readers of Passion 43ème.


Nacoral creator Adolfo Olloqui (right) with author Miguel Soto

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6 months ago

Thank you, Miguel, for documenting this history! All your Nacoral photos from your website will be on hobbyDB soon!

Peter Heimann
Peter Heimann
6 months ago

I am interested in the history of Pegaso 1/43 scale automobiles (only – not interested in the trucks). Can you inform me ? Thank you !

6 months ago
Reply to  Peter Heimann

Hi Peter, you can find the models we have here. If you have more please join us to add them!

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