Pop Culture Hall of Fame 2023 Inductees

And the inductees into the Pop Culture Hall of Fame’s 2023 class are…

The hobbyDB team is proud to also manage the Pop Culture Hall of Fame, which annually salutes pop culture’s leaders, pioneers and iconic creators.

This year we’re inducting six new members ranging from actors, writers and historians to entrepreneurs and legends.

Check out past inductees from Mark Hamill and Stan Lee to My Little Pony’s Bonnie Zacherle by following this link! Then make sure to give this year’s inductees a look here!


2023 Pop Culture Hall of Fame Inductees


Adam F. Goldberg, Writer

Adam F. Goldberg has made a career of creating entertaining television that leans into his love of 1980s toys and pop culture.


Fritz Lang, Legend

A pioneer of film noir and science fiction movies, Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” remains one of the most influential movies ever made.


Jeff Goldblumm, Actor

For decades Jeff Goldblum has made geeky the new sexy in “Jurassic Park,” “Independence Day” and Wes Anderson movies.


Kitazawa Rakuten, Legend

Kitazawa Rakuten is considered the inventor of manga. His influential comics from the early 1900s inspired Japanese and American cartoonists.


Mark Bellomo, Historian

Based on his numerous guides to nostalgia, Mark Bellomo is one of the most important curators of 1980s toys.


MrBeast, Entrepreneur

MrBeast has used his internet fame to create a business empire that employs over 200 people and has done a lot of charitable work.


Doctor Who, Franchise

For more than 60 years, Doctor Who has hopped through time and across the universe saving the day at every stop.


Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, Charity

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has sent more than 200 million books to kids around the world to promote literacy.


Godzilla, Character

Sometimes the good guy, someimes the baddie, Godzilla always goes big everytime he visits Tokyo.


Nintendo, Brand

From video game systems, to arcade games, to movies and TV, Niintendo has brought joy to decades of folks who love fun.


One Piece, Franchise

Franchise Eiichiro Oda’s “One Piece” is the best selling manga of all time, not to mention a huge success in anime, TV and movies.


Pee Wee Herman, Character

Pee-wee Herman’s silly antics brought joy to kids and adults of all ages in the 1980s.

See the Entire ’23 Class!


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