2nd Time Lucky – another (and much better) lot of Hot Wheels Kinder Surprises!

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I wrote a few months ago how disappointed I was with the first Hot Wheels in Kinder Surprise clone.

But being the ever-optimist when I saw them again I bought 3 of them, these were branded Finders Keepers.  And while the last mislead with the packaging I was secretly hoping that this time I get what’s on the tin (OK, cardboard).  And I particularly wanted that Boneshaker!

And here they are!


These are very different from what I was used to, having lots and lots of Kinder Eggs as a child in Germany – with the wrapped chocolate lying next to the surprise versus the surprise being inside the chocolate egg…


The chocolate?  So so…


But check that one out, first item is an instant hit!


I got the Twin Mill and the D-Muscle and thought they all looked great!  And the Finders Keepers website even had a checklist!


I thought of getting more and trying for the Rare Super Van but they are sold out and the 2nd Series is nothing like them.  So will have to add them to my hobbyDB Wish List and just wait.  You can find all 10 of them on hobbyDB here.

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16 days ago

Hi Joschik,

I saw these recently at one of the german T€DI stores, but they were not called Finders Keepers. They had some kind of display at the cashier.
Pictured on that display was only the Rodger Dodger. I´m not sure if there was a hint about more Hot Wheels in those eggs.
They had about 20 of those eggs, but I only bought one to test that out, hoping for the Rodger Dodger. What should I say? I pulled a Super Van. I tried to figure out, what the other Hot Wheels might be, but I failed.
By the time I thought I should buy some more, they were sold out.
Thanks to your checklist, I must have been pretty lucky, the only other ones I may have wanted are the Twin Mill an Rodger Dodger.
And yes, the chocolate wasn´t really a hit…

Keep on Hot Wheelin´!

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