Crowdfunded Collectibles Projects From Action Figures to Comic Cooks


All great new collectibles begin with an idea and a pioneering spirit.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than on the varying sites designed to publicly fund new collectibles or even entire brands.

We here at hobbyDB have always wanted to highlight the artists, creators and burgeoning brands that are pushing the boundaries of what collecting can be. After all, hobbyDB itself is owned by a lot of our members!

These funding platforms allow fans to help creators to raise money and breathe life into their passion projects.  We are currently checking out Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Zoop as well as the two single-brand sites Lego Ideas and Hasbro Pulse. So from now on, we’ll periodically share campaigns that we believe deserve some love…and a place in your collection!

We’re beginning with five of our faves! Scroll down to give them a look.


Conan the Barbarian –  Colossal Edition

Zoop is a user-friendly platform that is customizing the collecting experience for publishers, creators and fans of comic books. With its crowdfunding, Zoop looks to streamline the entire process from publishing to distribution, making it easier for creators to get their work to their fans.

One of our particular current faves that we look forward to reading is “Conan the Barbarian – Colossal Edition” by John Buscema, Barry Windsor-Smith, Gil Kane and others. It is already at four times the minimum requirement and other fans have ordered Conan Comics for more than $100,000!  Give it a look here.  And hurry, this is all done and dusted in another 30 hours from when we published it!


Mondo – Siege Fortress Iron Berserker

First up is the Siege Fortress Iron Berserker art toy from Mondo Roque. Mondo is a former designer with Super7 and beyond and introduces us to his latest sofubi toy “super robot.” This one just started and we really hope it gets enough support from you guys to make it! You will find the four different versions and other info here.


Indiegogo – Apex Comic Group
Steranko: Talon the Timeless Action Figure

Some said he was a god…we like to think of him as an awesome new action figure from the Apex Comic Group named Steranko: Talon the Timeless. This one has not yet started but you can (and should) already register your interest. Follow this link to find out more.


Lego Ideas – The Google T-Rex Runner


Have you dreamed of seeing your ideas in Lego form? With Lego Ideas fans can see their ideas become a reality. If a fan-submitted idea garners 10,000 votes from the public, it officially joins the Lego family. Previous projects include recreations of classic video games, space tech and more.

Here is our current favorite, the Google T-Rex Runner! And yes, that T-Rex can jump (probably better than we can). Vote on him here!


Hasbro Pulse – Jabba’s Sail Barge

Yes, Hasbro is a giant in the toy universe. But with its Hasbro Pulse program, the fans come first. Keep an eye out for Hasbro Pulse products arriving soon. As there are no current products and none currently announced, we introduce one of our favorites of all time…Jabba’s Sail Barge.


What are some of your favorite projects both past and current? What did you get and what was not funded? Tell us in the comments below!

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