My Top-10: Super7 Figures From Action Figure Designer Mondo

Armando “Mondo” Roque is an artist, toy designer and serial doodler who currently designs action figures for @DreamsofRobots and, in the past, for the likes of Super7 and Fugglers.


Armando “Mondo” Roque has a keen eye when it comes to the worlds of sci-fi, the supernatural and lots more. 

A self-professed serial doodler, Mondo approaches his action figures projects and beyond with a child-like wonder. Which you can see in the fine detail of his work with brands such as Super7 and Fugglers.

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Today Mondo shares 10 of his favorite designs from his time at Super7. Over to you, Mondo!


Top-10 Mondo Super7 Action Figures


10. SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Wave 1 Armored Mon*Star by Super7

This can never be said enough, the villains always have the cooler character designs.

This big bad was no exception and was literally head and shoulders above the other characters on this cartoon series and his figure interpretation had to match. This character had never been designed in a toy figure format to match the look and feel of the show. From his trusty companion, Sky-Shadow and unique details like all the spikes on his head and cool accessories I was excited to get to bring this character to life.


9. Transformers ULTIMATES! Wave 2 Grimlock (Dino Mode) by Super7

Me Grimlock! This beloved character has one of the most iconic voice-overs by Greg Berger second only to Optimus Prime’s Peter Cullen. Even though this Transformer doesn’t transform, I loved getting to bring the chock of this G1 era cartoon character design into Super7’s ULTIMATES figure format. The best part was creating props from some of his most iconic story lines. Who doesn’t love Grimlock in a waiter’s apron?


8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES! Wave 9 Slam Dunkin’ Don by Super7

It was always fun getting to design TMNT products because of the special place these products held in my childhood. No detail was overlooked in this modern interpretation of this character, the jersey number 84 representing the brands original launch, pump style sneakers and tongue out face portrait head to capture the true baller look. The best part of this figure, getting to right a major misstep the original toy only came with a basket and a hoop but no backboard?! This figure came with a full freestanding hoop you can make from his accessories!


7. Universal Monsters Super Cyborg Creature from the Black Lagoon by Super7

Watching this 1954 classic monster movie I wanted to try to find a way to translate the story into a product. Monsters weren’t typically what we’d produce in a cyborg category so I knew I had to really consider how and what parts of the figure would be revealed. In the movie they show a skeletal fossil of the creature and that was all I needed to get my brain wheels turning. With no other reference I turned to deep web research and looking at fish guts to inspire the fleshy parts of the Creatures anatomy. I figured he ate fish and drew some fish bones in his belly, but the best part had to be ripping his face off to reveal his creature skull sculpted details.


6. Transformers Super Shogun Megatron by Super7

I got to put the mega in Megatron! Being a huge Transformers fan this project was so much fun to get to translate this iconic villain into the retro aesthetic of the 1970’s Shogun line producing a figure that stands over two feet tall. Megatron finally has a toy as big as his ego and features a removable fusion cannon and rocket-firing fist.


5. The Iron Giant Super Cyborg Iron Giant (Full Color) by Super7

This 1999 animated movie has to be one of my all time favorites. It combined an amazing robot design with a powerful message; “You are who you choose to be!”

Just like in the story, I made a point of making sure the Iron Giant can be posed with Hogarth on his hands or on his shoulders. This movie features so impressive transformation sequences when all kinds of crazy tech emerges from the Iron Giant when he goes into Kill mode without reference I had to envision how these fully expanded weapons arrays would compact into the normal sized Iron Giant’s body.


4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Super Cyborg by Super7

TMNT is one of my all time favorite 80’s toy properties! Getting to work on this famous villain was amazing and I knew I had to partner with the original source of iconic toy sculpture for the brand, Varner Studios. I worked closely with the team there to capture the magic of the original toy lines larger scale Krang’s Android Body figure sculpt. We didn’t go crazy with internal details but tried to do what we could to add those little wacky details that the original toys had like powering this android with a hamster wheel to tell the story!


3. G.I. Joe Super Cyborg S.N.A.K.E. Armor (Full Color – Gray) by Super7

I remember wanting to recreate the original toy experience from Hasbro’s 1983 version and make that the center of this product’s design, remove the outer shell of the armor to reveal a Cobra trooper inside! I played with that toy and dug deep into the instructions and storytelling. I made sure all the weapons were swappable and easy to reconfigure. I tried to turn 2D sticker art into 3D details. There was no reference for most of the internal structures that I could find so I had fun imagining how this cartoon/toy armor could work in real life.


2. Toho Super Shogun Mechagodzilla (Full Color) by Super7

The goal with this piece was to look back at the Shogun Warriors line by Mattel and create something that looked like a continuation of this 1970’s toy line. I spent hours looking at retro toys of Mechagodzilla from die cast, novelty and Sofubi Japanese vinyl. We wanted to strike the right balance of modern design with retro aesthetic.

Finally I made sure that this Mechagodzilla was in scale with the original Shogun Godzilla and that its hand missiles were identical to the original Shogun missiles leaving no detail overlooked. The result was something that looked like it came out of a time machine straight out of the 70’s.


1. Toho Super Cyborg Mechagodzilla (Clear) by Super7

This project started like most others diving deep into the source material, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974). After several viewings I poured through old Japanese magazines studying a variety of cross section Illustrations.

In this movie Mechagodzilla’s origins are extraterrestrial and I wanted to capture that in his designs by making sure the interior structures of the figure look like the hallways and interiors seen in the movie. My final drawings featured thousands of rivet details and mechanical robot guts. I even made sure there was a little hatch on his outer shell for his chest laser to be accessed. The clear version is so impressive in hand the interiors really pop through the clear ABS plastic shell making this piece pure eye candy.

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3 months ago

These are amazing projects you worked on ! All TOP NOTCH design work !

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