Classic Christmas Toys of the Past and Their Present Day Equivalents

Now that the gifts are unboxed and wrapping paper has been tossed out, we’re curious to see what was under your tree this year.

Christmas gifts have come a long way. So we decided to take a look at some of the favorite gifts from Christmases long ago and offer up some fun comparisons to their modern day equivalent. We want to hear from you. Tell us below what you think are equivalent between these and other brands both past and present!


Christmas Gifts Through the Years


The Lone Ranger – Gabriel Toys, 1973

Today’s Equivalent: Hot Toys Action Figure?


Basic Set – Lego, 1973

Today’s Equivalent: Lego Death Star?


Arab with Dagger in Left Hand – Timpo Toys (1972)

Today’s Equivalent: HeroClix?


New Orleans Saints, Electronic Action Figures – Tudor Games, 1969 ($500 estimated hobbyDB value)

Today’s Equivalent: Madden Football?

Cragstan Great Astonaut Robot – ALPS Brand Toys (1962)

Today’s Equivalent: flying drones!


Bedford Carrimore Car Transporter – Corgi Toys (1962)

Today’s Equivalent: Transformer’s Optimus Prime?


Urananium Rush Electronic Board Game – Gardner & Co., 1955

Today’s Equivalent: Operation Board Game?


Running Mare – Breyer, 1960 ($3,830)

Today’s Equivalent: Breyer horses! They’re still going today!


Shirley Temple Dolls – Danbury Mint, 1936

Today’s Equivalent: Cabbage Patch Kids?


Push Cart Pete – Fisher-Price, 1936 ($9,200 estimated hobbyDB value)

Today’s Equivalent: Disney Parks Toy Story Figures?


Buck Rogers Rocket Ship – Louis Marx & Company, 1927 ($1,070 estimated hobbyDB value)

Today’s Equivalent: Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series?


Dragoon – Steiff Doll Soldiers, 1909 ($1,440)

Today’s Equivalent: G.I. Joe dolls?


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