Funko, Hot Wheels and Beyond! The Most Popular and Valuable Collectibles of 2023!

What a year for collectibles! With 2023 coming to a close, we’re looking back at the most popular (most owned) and most valuable collectibles found on hobbyDB this year from the likes of Hot Wheels, Hasbro and Funko to Handmade by Robots, Youtooz and lots more.

What were your favorite and most valuable items that you added to your collection in 2023? Tell us in the comments below!


Best of 2023



Most Owned – Buggy the Clown


Most Valuable – Freddy Funko as Anakin Skywalker (Glow in the Dark) (Camp Fundays), $4,430


Hot Wheels

Most Owned – Nissan Mamixa Drift Car


Most Valuable – Hot Wheels x David Arsham Eroded Rally Case & Porsche 930, $430



Most Owned – Assassin’s Creed Deluxe Box Set


Most Valuable – Super Sonic, $210


Handmade by Robots

Most Owned – Orange Overload Chomp


Most Valuable – Robot 283362-1 Mini, $500

Read more on both of these Handmade by Robots x hobbyDB exclusives here!


Brooklin Models

Most Owned – 1961 Pontiac Ventura


Most Valuable – 1940 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe, $290


Hasbro: Star Wars: The Black Series

Most Owned – Boba Fett


Most Valuable – The Mandalorian, Ahsoka Tano & Grogu, $85



Most Owned – Chainsaw Man


Most Valuable – Edd, $185


Hard Rock Cafe

Most Owned – Grand Opening


Most Valuable – 52nd Anniversary Record Spinner, Silver Team over 10 Years, $240

Action Figures

Most Owned – Dark Knight Trilogy The Joker, McFarlane Toys


Most Valuable – The Joker, Queen Studios, $1,220


Trading Cards

Most Owned – Dinglehopper, Lorcana Cards


Most Valuable – Elsa The Spirit of Winter, Lorcana Cards, $520


Figures & Toy Soldiers

Most Owned – Blacklight Gastley


Most Valuable – Glossy Bright Chestnut Sabino, $15,000

Highest Rated Item on hobbyDB

Eric Draven with Crow, 4.81

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