Get to Know: Action Figure Designer Mondo

Armando “Mondo” Roque is an artist, toy designer and serial doodler who currently designs action figures for @DreamsofRobots and, in the past, for the likes of Super7 and Fugglers.

His latest vinyl art toy currently under construction in the lab is a Japanese “Super Robot” dubbed the Siege Fortress Iron Berserker. And you can help bring it to life as part of its Kickstarter campaign!

Click here to see how you can help aid its creation and add one to your collection!


Today we chat with Mondo about his inspirations, the future of action figures and more!

What’s some of the inspiration behind your work?

Inspiration is spawned from my environment, memories and daily experiences where I learn new things. I love to surround myself with an eclectic mix of retro, novelty and weird toys to hold and unique art to daydream with. 

I’m a serial doodler; I’m always trying to capture my imagination on paper, creating legions of robots, monsters and more. I like brainstorming and looking back to what’s been done before and thinking about new ways to recreate fun and familiar experiences through product.

I approach every project with childlike wonder and believe every product should take the consumer on a journey and tell a story. I see successful product design as not just about creating amazing products but developing something that can make memories that will outlast the physical product.

How did you get started?

My toy career started at a small toy invention firm called By George!. I had the opportunity to focus on two core categories of products, premium promotional toys AKA Happy Meal Toys and toy inventions. It was a wild and fun place to work that was very formative in developing my toy design POV.

My very first pro project was a Kids’ Meal toy that was launched at Taco Bell called “Mushniks.” It was a plush backpack clip toy that was tied to an online virtual world. I had the opportunity to create that virtual world and the full user experience from the ground up. It was an amazing learning experience and I wore multiple hats from toy design, play pattern, illustration, animation, UI and more, I got to do it all!

How would you describe your style?

I’d describe my artistic style as coming from all things 80s and 90s, a melting pot of toys, tv/movies, comics and trading cards that coagulated onto a page and spawned thick lines and a ton of details. I constantly draw from my imagination and my muse, robots?

I’ll spend hours drawing circuit boards, intricate internal details that would make an onlooker believe this was a real working schematic of a sci-fi robot they’ve seen somewhere. I approach every new drawing with a blank canvas and an open mind. Sometimes I don’t know exactly what I’m going to end up drawing until the drawing is complete in front of me.

What does the future have in store for your work?

The future looks bright! As an independent creative artist I hope to continue to be selective with the rad partnerships I form to create new products with clients while maintaining a balance of new passion projects to unleash hordes of robot toys out into the wild.

Check out some more of Mondo’s work –

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@LadyHope 11
@LadyHope 11
5 months ago

Really fun interview, I enjoyed reading it! Nice work Mondo, respect ✊🏽

4 months ago

very cool work, premium design!

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