hobbyDB x Abominable Toys x Handmade by Robots Exclusive! Blacklight Chomp!

We’re taking a bite out of 2024 with our first exclusive of the New Year and we want you to have the first opportunity to add it to your collection.

Introducing…Blacklight Chomp! Our latest collaboration between Abominable Toys and Handmade by Robots is as colorful as he is adorable.

But he’s also very limited with a rarity of just 312 pieces!

Blacklight Chomp goes on sale at 1 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Jan. 10, exclusively at hobbyDB for $24.99.

Get yours here!

Then make sure to “heart” the Abominable Toys, Handmade by Robots and Chomp subject pages on hobbyDB to get notified when their items go on sale.

Handmade by Robots x Abominable Toys Official Archives

Both Handmade by Robots and Abominable Toys call hobbyDB the home to their Official Archives.

That means you can build and track the value of your collect via hobbyDB by choosing from every item (including new releases) ever in that brand’s catalog. All why resting assured that the info is up-to-date and accurate.

You’ll find close to 80 Official Archives on hobbyDB from brands and artists, events and lots more.


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