State of hobbyDB: A Look Back at 2023 and What’s to Come in 2024 in the World of Collectibles

Another wonderful year is in the books here at hobbyDB. Before we look ahead to the excitement that awaits us in 2024, we thought we’d look back on the year in collectibles that was 2023 at hobbyDB.

hobbyDB by the Numbers

The hobbyDB database is bigger and better than ever!

You’ll now find more than 830,224 collectibles on hobbyDB with more arriving at a rate of about 500 items per day! At that pace, we will reach 1,000,000 database items before the end of the year.

And now, with more than 114,662 subjects (Brands, Series, Designers etc.) and an excess of 5.8 million price points from 77 different sources, there’s plenty for more than 662,631 hobbyDB members to love.

After all, these days you’ll find more than 51.7 million items in hobbyDB collections and another 9.8 million items in their Wish Lists!

Looking to add to your collection? hobbyDB now offers 108,947 collectibles for sale!


It’s Official! hobbyDB Archives Grow in ‘23!

We made lots of new friends in 2023, many of which entrusted us as the home of their Official Archives. You’ll now find more than 70 Official Archives from collectibles brands, artists and authors, events, clubs and lots more on hobbyDB.

It’s here where you’ll find a brand’s every item, including newly released items, and know that the information has been professionally vetted and is complete.

Among a few of the brands joining the fun in 2023 were FiGPiN, Bedrock Collectibles and Youtooz, as well as Handmade by Robots / Abominable Toys (More on them below!). You’ll also find complete collections for Starbucks Mugs, Tech Decks and lots more!

Check out our Official Archives here!


hobbyDB ’23 Exclusives!

We love a good chase piece or exclusive. We love it even more when it’s one of ours! In all, hobbyDB now has 80 of its own exclusives!

hobbyDB took its exclusives to the next level in 2023 with several must-haves for collectors of action figures, model cars and more.

We partnered with the likes of Handmade by Robots and Abominable Toys to offer exclusive, one-of-kind HMBR robots and Chomp figures.

This autumn we paired with Youtooz to give away not one, but THREE exclusive prototypes of Senku, Shrek and a Flocked Bonnie of Five Nights at Freddy’s fame.

We weren’t done there. We also offered an exclusive trading card set from legendary Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood called “The Ones That Got Away,” as well as a 1961 Pontiac Ventura along with Brooklin Models.

And more are planned for 2024, including a potential exclusive between hobbyDB and FiGPiN, plus lots more Chomps. Stay tuned!


Meet the Collectors of the Year

Last year we introduced the world to lots of new designers and collectors, historians, experts and influencers, plus many more great personalities from throughout the collectibles universe. Look for more from our “My Top 10” series in 2024, as industry experts share 10 great collectibles from their genre. 

Get to know a few of them again –

Charles Hepperle – The renowned product developer for Zee Toys and Maisto shares a four-part series on the history of Zee Toys.


“Jerzey Jim” Farrell – Winner of NBC’s Ultimate Hot Wheels Challenge takes us through his inspiration for his winning Charger “Ole Yellow.”


Rocco Tartamella – aka Rocco the Sculptor, Tartamella shares his favorites from more than 20 years in the industry working for the likes of Hasbro and beyond.


Mondo – Check out the Top-10 best Super7 figures from renowned designer Armando “Mondo” Roque.


John Krajnovich – Expert Funko collector takes us through 10 of the best Pop! Prototypes.


Gastley – The mascot created by Chris and Heather Gastley of Mischief Toys and the Gastlecast YouTube channel can now be found on hobbyDB in many forms.



New Site Features & Partnerships

Our amazing dev team is always hard at work developing new features and upgrading existing ones. The result is the ultimate collecting experience…and one that is always improving, thanks to them.

Check out some of the great new features and partnerships that we’ve forged in 2023 –

Find Your Grail and More with the hobbyDB Local Directory

With our new Local Directory you can find collectible stores, museums and events either nearby or wherever you’re going to be. Give it a look here!

Sell Now with hobbyDB Retail Network

The hobbyDB Retail Network launched in 2023, providing an all-in-one system that can replace any current system while offering retailers the options to sell online with purchases shipped, online with buyers picking up in-store or at an event, or in-store. All through one central inventory management tool and via the hobbyDB App.

Rating Your Favorite Items

When it comes to our collectibles, we know we love and what we don’t. With hobbyDB’s improved Ratings system, we can now better gauge the popularity of every item in the database. As we begin 2024, our members have rated a whopping 668,647 items! Let’s keep it up in the new year! Click here to start rating your faves!

Merging Pesky Duplicates

No one is a fan of those pesky duplicate items in your collection that you accidentally added. We’ve all been there. We have a solution that will merge any duplicate items into one listing. Give it a try!

The Future of Graded Collectibles

Get your Porkbun url!

We believe that Graded Collectibles will play a very big role in the future of collecting. One of those companies we aligned with in 2023 was Certified Guarantee Company (CGC), whose items and more you’ll now find on hobbyDB. See more here, including the grading of our very own exclusive series “The Ones That Got Away” from Hot Wheels legend Larry Wood.

Own Your Own hobbyDB Website via Porkbun

hobbyDB members got the opportunity to own their own website this year via our partnership with the url hosting service Porkbun. Click here to see how you can personalize your hobbyDB experience.


Read All About It! The hobbyDB Blog!

We love sharing the news, history and stories of the collectible world via the hobbyDB Blog. Using our search features, you can find your favorite subjects among more than 1,303 blog posts from us, experts and fans such as yourself!

Investing in Porsche Posters – An in depth look at the lucrative history of the iconic car and its posters

Secondary Star Wars Merch Market – Star Wars merchandise has come a long way since arriving from a galaxy far, far away. How much so? Hint, it’s in the billions.

More Redlines, More Fun – We’ve added hundreds of new model car blog posts from our partner site The Toy Peddler, many of which pertain to the history and collecting of Hot Wheels Redlines. Starting reading them here!

Golden Ticket Strikes Again – hobbyDB member and friend GrailMonster was at it again in 2023, this time announcing another record sale for the fabled Funko Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. See how much it went for here!


Download the hobbyDB App!


In a short time, the hobbyDB App has become a vital tool for collectors looking to build and research their collections. As we begin 2024, the hobbyDB App has been downloaded more than 374,650 times and counting!

The App utilizes barcode scanning tech to scan UPCs and other specialized codes, connecting them to items in the database. From there, updating your collection with new items or performing quick, onsite research (in stores, conventions, etc.) is a breeze.

Android and iOS versions available here!


Hooray for the hobbyDB Squad

Behind the scenes of hobbyDB is a beehive of activity from the passionate collectors and dedicated volunteers of the hobbyDB Squad.

Our team now boasts 2,301 members, each contributing their expertise when it comes to adding items, price points and UPC codes. That’s in addition to curating their favorite subjects and so much more. All in exchange for inside info, sneak peeks and lots of exclusive badges for their hobbyDB Showcases.

Plus! Once a month, we play host to our Squad Record Weekends, in which members compete for fun badges and more. Bring your own expertise to the Squad here!


What’s Coming to hobbyDB in ‘24

There’s a lot to be excited about at hobbyDB in 2024. Our all-star Dev Team is busy working on new tools and upgrades aimed at supercharging your collecting experience.

That means you can look for improved technology for the hobbyDB App, the Marketplace and Search Filters, as well as for your Wish Lists, Trading and your hobbyDB Showcase, to name a few.

Peruse the entire list of what’s to come here!


Own a Piece of hobbyDB!

Do you love hobbyDB? Excited about the future of the collectibles industry?

Here’s your opportunity to join 1,432 industry leaders and fellow collectors in owning a part of hobbyDB via our latest round of crowdfunding. Unlike a one-time donation, buying into hobbyDB allows you to invest in the leader in the collectibles universe and, in turn, do well when we do well.

Investment opportunities begin at $100! See how you can get involved here!

Happy collecting in 2024 from the hobbyDB team!

~ Alexandra, Christian, Christopher, Isaac, Timo & Zack ~

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