Own a Part of hobbyDB – Round Five Now Open!

hobbyDB Crowdfunding

You asked, we answered! It’s finally time for us to open up hobbyDB’s Fifth Round of Crowdfunding!

invest in hobbyDB

It’s been our dream since Day One to allow our members and the community to own a part of (and hopefully benefit from) the resource that they helped to build. So when crowdfunding became available back in 2020, we knew that it was the right choice for our community.

Over the past few months, we’ve received multiple requests for folks to come aboard and invest, so once again, we’re opening our doors to fanatics worldwide and giving you the opportunity to own a piece of hobbyDB. Equity crowdfunding basically allows anyone to easily invest in companies that they believe will do great things! By uniting fans of all kinds, we’ll be able to shape the future of collecting and create a resource that we all love to use. As hobbyDB grows, so does our power!

Our long term goal is to unite 100,000 collectors as Shareholders of the company. Our mission is to create a massive grassroots audience that can make hobbyDB the most influential company in the collectible and fan merch market (and share the financial upside with its core members). If we can achieve that, we can really shape the destiny of the collectible galaxy.

Join the hobbyDB Family

We here at hobbyDB are collectors, just like you. When we say “just like you,” we mean it.

hobbyDB is already owned by 1,432 of its members. That’s hundreds of like-minded fanatics putting their faith in us while helping to grow and improve hobbyDB. And over the last five rounds, our share price has grown to reflect the value of our progress every year!

With that, we’re excited to share our new and improved profile on Wefunder! For as little as $100, you can own 89 hobbyDB Shares (and if you invest more, you own more!).

Why Invest in hobbyDB?

We want to be THE authority when it comes to celebrating every fandom.

That means new and updated features and tools to allow you to build and track the value of your collection, and do so with confidence.

And we accomplish this with help from our annual Crowdfunding efforts. But! Unlike donations, hobbyDB Crowdfunding allows those who put their faith in us to own a piece of the company, so that if hobbyDB does well, so do you.

Our Vision

Blending our current solution with the power of AI, we will ultimately give you the ability to –

  1. Use the hobbyDB App anywhere to scan or photograph an item and find out all about it using photo matching
  2. Automatically manage your collection (for example insure it to the value you feel right, automatically offer duplicates for sale or best offer etc)
  3. Utilize artificial intelligence to find answers to all of your burning questions such as which items went up in value the most over the last year, product specific information, and much more
  4. Show you relevant new products from anywhere around the world of interest to you (using items in your collection, wish list and ratings)
  5. Be the place where you can find any information you need about your hobby or ask questions to the Community

Join 1,432 other Members that have become Investors in our goal to conquer the collectible galaxy!

Find out more and invest today at Wefunder

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