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M2 Machines is the latest diecast brand to call hobbyDB’s Official Archives as its home. We showcase all of them – more than 9,800 of them now! M2’s models fill a nice niche of interesting, sharply detailed models at an amazing price point for collectors.


And to celebrate, we’re thrilled to announce the opportunity to win not one but THREE exclusive M2 Machines via hobbyDB. Three lucky winners will win one of three “Sweetheart” M2 Machine models, including a 1971 Chevrolet Van G10 (LE 750), 1932 Ford Three-Window Coupe (LE 750) and a 1971 Dodge Challenger Funny Car (LE 250).

To enter to win, simply head to the M2 Machines subject page on hobbyDB and click the heart to “like” the subject. To complete your entry, we also ask that you add at least one M2 Machine model from the hobbyDB database to your hobbyDB collection.

So act quickly! This contest will close on Jan. 26 when we select our three winners at random.

About M2 Machines

Much of their appeal lies in their focus: M2 sticks mostly to a single scale, 1/64. Originally, their models were strictly American iron from the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s, and that is mostly still the case. They’ve since expanded to include classic import marques that have been so historically popular in the U.S., they might as well be domestic. So Volkswagen Buses and Beetles, and Datsun Z cars have joined the mix.

More recently M2 Machines has stretched its casting offerings into the ’80s and ’90s with such models as the Fox Body Ford Mustang, OBS Chevrolet Pick Up and the soon to make its public debut G-Body Grand National.


m2 volkswagen bus datsun fairlady

The company also produces M2’s 1/24 scale line, which is current on hobbyDB with new releases coming just about monthly.

M2’s castings are set up to allow variations that go well beyond just the paint jobs. Small details can be changed to represent different model years, and a stock production car. So a stock production car can also serve as the base for a low rider, a crazy hot rod, or a dragster. A few of them have also been stretched to limousine proportions. M2 has also released a series of models of Chip Foose custom rides based on some of these models.


m2 1959_Cadillac limo

And just for fun, several models are available in kit form with multiple wheel options allowing the collector to create their own versions. Some of these even came packaged with a hydraulic lift, a terrific display accessory.

M2 Machines’ series of Gassers has risen in popularity as one of the most realistic 1/64th scale replication of Gassers in the market space. The model vehicle maker has also enjoyed recent success after crossing lanes into the world of holiday ornaments in 2022.


m2 1957_Chevrolet_Bel_Air


Throw in the fact that many of M2’s vehicles are available as “Chase” variants, and the hunt to collect them all becomes a worthy challenge.

Over the last few months, we checked every one of our now 9,733 M2 database items. M2 has now added links to its different series to its own website Product page  –

Here in Sean Taylor‘s own words  –

YouTube player


A big thanks to M2 Machines’ team Andy Goodman, Arturo Beltran, Jimmy Chau and Sean Taylor.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention WildGooseChaser, who went above and beyond in solving some hard riddles and filling data gaps with information he gathered from different collectors along the way.  Also a big call out to Zeppelin1969, who helped out greatly during the project.  And of course, Bkalland who helped with lots of images (and also some Price Points as he is selling M2 Machines on our marketplace).

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5 months ago

Thanks for the mention. I have close to 100 or more M2 items 1/24/ 164 M2 items listed on hobbydb.
Bud thebkallandstore

Jim Bur
Jim Bur
5 months ago

Great to see M2 on here – gonna take a while to add all of mine to my collection database but it sure makes it easier when they are all here!

5 months ago

Very cool! I got a few and wondered what is out there. Thanks for this!

Sebastien Parvy
Sebastien Parvy
4 months ago

Great addition

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