The Creatives Teams with hobbyDB for The Trading Card Project

Trading cards have come a long way since the foregone era when they used to reside in shoeboxes and in the spokes of bicycles.

These days, The Creatives are looking to become the new home of the world of trading cards and artists alike. 

Introducing The Creatives, a hub for artists looking to promote quality products and pieces of art with a purpose.

hobbyDB has teamed with the Creatives to help promote its trading cards and its artists. Give them a look on hobbyDB here, including how you can add its Trading Card Project to your collection!

The Trading Card Project

Produced by the RedGuardian brand, The Trading Card Project is an artist and collector set depicting more than 200 pieces of original art from 60 artists across three series.

Each card is the size of a standard trading card (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches) and features the artist’s name, location and bio in the style of a baseball card on the back.

In every pack you’ll find four base cards and a cold foil, with 50 percent of packs arriving with a special card in place of the fourth base card.

These aren’t just another set of collectibles to gather dust on your shelf. These trading cards are a celebration of imagination, creativity, and innovation. Each card is a unique piece of art, designed by a talented artist who has poured their heart and soul into every detail.

What sets Creative Trading Cards apart are their innovative features! From augmented reality technology that brings the art to life, to hidden puzzles and games embedded within the cards. They’re not just cards – they’re a social experience!

But it’s not just about the fun and games. These cards hold value in terms of nostalgia, rarity, and as a creative medium. In the world of digital everything, holding a tangible piece of creativity in your hand is priceless.

So we’re excited to announce that you’ll now find all of them on find on hobbyDB!


hobbyDB x The Creatives Exclusive

We’re celebrating by giving away an exclusive Special card to complete Series 3. The card is limited to just 100 made and is FREE, but you’re going to have to earn it.

The only way to add the exclusive card to your collection is to show us your hobbyDB Showcase inspired by The Creatives.

That means creating a hobbyDB profile (here’s a link to get you started!) and adding at least one item from The Creatives to your hobbyDB Collection or Wish List.

By completing these tasks, you’ll also earn an exclusve Creatives Digital Supporter badge for your hobbyDB Showcase.

Need some inspiration? Check out this great Creatives-inspired Showcase from hobbyDB member Bloodstripe75!



Earn the judge’s approval and the final Special Card in The Trading Card Project’s Series 3 is all yours.

The Creatives on hobbyDB

With hobbyDB’s new partnership, you’ll now find every card, in addition to some art toys, model cars and pins/badges from The Creatives. That’s close to 800 items already found in the hobbyDB database with others being announced here as soon as they happen.

Even more exciting is you’ll also find a hobbyDB subject page for every artist of The Creatives. That means you can also track more of each artist’s work outside of The Creatives, as well.

Check out a few artists from each of the three series –

Angela Ramones, Series 2



Ejits, Series 3



Playful Gorilla, Series 1 &2



RedGuardian, Series 1-3



Reis O’Brien, Series 1



Peruse the artists and the collectibles via The Creatives on hobbyDB here, then make sure to visit their official home by following this link!

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