Game X Change Using hobbyDB’s Tech to Make a Big Splash in the Funko Market

hobbyDB and Game X Change are partnering to trade the traditional ways of buying and selling your collection for an easier, sleeker and more modern approach.

Game X Change was founded in 1992 as a way for video game fans to buy, sell and trade games. Since then, GXC has expanded to more than 100 stores in 11 states and into the world of all-things-collectible from action figures to comics, diecast and beyond.

And now they’re growing as part of the hobbyDB Retail Network with the new ability to buy and sell Funko collections. GXC already has six of its stores offering Funko items for sale on the hobbyDB Marketplace, with more stores following soon. Give them a look here.

These Funko products can be –

  1. Bought online and shipped to the buyers
  2. Bought online and picked up in the store (so the customer can save postage and buy more in the store)
  3. Bought in the store and paid through the app

hobbyDB also simplifies the process of buying collections for Game X Change. The seller can share their collection with their local GXC store, which has all items, conditions and values. From there, GXC can make an offer for all or part of the collection.

If acceptable, the seller can then bring in the collection. This is removing the process of bringing an entire collection to the store without an offer, while also cutting wait times.

Jon Wilson, GXC’s Vice President of Store Operations explains “using hobbyDB makes buying and selling Funko Pop!s so much easier. We can even compare inventory levels in different stores and move items around. This is a sea change for us!”

GXC and hobbyDB plan to expand the partnership to action figures, diecast and other collectible segments.



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