My Top-10: Designer Art Horror Figures from the Ukraine’s CocoonToy Brand

Ivan Grodzensky and his wife Anna Lesnichaya and are the co-founders of the Ukrainian horror figurine brand CocoonToy. Today, Ivan shares 10 of their personal favorites and some of the history and challenges of designing figures in the wartorn region.


CocoonToy brand is us, a family of Ukrainian artists.

My wife, Anna, started this project four years ago. At some point she decided to give up her profession as an Internet designer and do what she liked – creating fantasy creatures and making their sculptures.

At that moment I was engaged in manufacturing. I had a workshop where we produced furniture and home decor, and sculpture was just a hobby. We lived north of Kharkiv, Ukraine, in a small town.

Despite the fact that Anna was a newcomer, her work quickly attracted attention and her new small craft business developed.

Then, on Feb. 24, 2022, the Russians attacked our country. Since we lived close to the border with Russia, battles in our town began on the same day of their invasion.

We were hiding from the shelling, but when Russian aircraft began randomly bombing us, my wife’s nerves could not stand it and we abandoned everything and went for an evacuation bus to the west part of the country.

I was left idle, which I was doing, but having skills in sculpture, I began to help Anna. Then I studied the material (polymer clay) myself and began making sculptures and exhibiting them on Etsy.

Interest in my work appeared almost immediately, and this inspired me very much. Oh, if only I knew earlier that my hobby could be interesting to people…

We have been working together for almost two years, inventing and making creatures, and we are glad that so many people like our artworks.

I selected five works for your blog, mine and Anna’s, here they are:



This is her first successful work, people liked the transparent brain and cute creature. It is featured on our brand.


Albino Tapir


It seems to me that starting with this creature, Anna showed her unique style. A pregnant alien mother, this sculpture was often purchased by pregnant women and gynecologists.


Albino Frog


A simple but very accurate sculpture of a rain frog, it is mega popular among buyers. Many people note her touching buttocks.




Cartoon wounded pegasus, but how cute he is.


Alien Buddha


One of Anna recent works, but it’s hard to take your eyes off it! If other planets in the universe have their own gods, then this is probably what they look like.



Weird Horror Sculpture


This Kiwi Elephant turned out to be really successful, it is in the collection of Margriet von Brevoort (WOSH creator) and Rick Lax (American showman), and I am very proud of it!


Alien Pregnant Elephant Mommy


I just gave free rein to my imagination, and the result was this marsupial alien elephant with a baby.


Squonk of Pennsylvania


My art project American Monsters, which is dedicated to creatures from US urban legends/cryptids, began with him.

It attracted a lot of attention, posts on social networks were viewed by millions of people, it turned out that everyone just needed Squong!


Hopkinsville Goblin of Kentucky


This is also part of the American Monsters project, amazingly, people from the USA wrote to me that this is the best interpretation of this character,

and it even mentioned and been showed in popular podcast in the USA.


Sad Frog and Toad


He just looks at all this nightmare that is happening in the world today, so he is not very happy looking.

I was later told that such a character was on Daniel Johnston’s records, I didn’t know about this musician, for my shame.



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Isaac N
Isaac N
4 months ago

Wonderful sculptures, thanks for sharing with us!

Danny Irish
Danny Irish
3 months ago

You’ve definitely got talent. I know you can do sculpting obviously, so another avenue of good income can be taking action figures (Like McFarlane’s DC Multiverse or Hasbros Marvel Legends figures, and customizing them into different characters that haven’t been released, or that you can make look better, etc. These sell pretty well on etsy, especially if you make figures that alot of people want and isn’t already out in those lines. Just a thought (when I saw the sculpting I figured this would be simple for you, though it does require painting knowledge as well. Also, there is a serious lack of Fantasy Inspired Action figures with good articulation in the 6-7″ range, with a 3d printer you could either buy like body template recipes or whatever and make your own line of fantasy figures. Just some ideas man, you and your wife obviously have talent 👍

Last edited 3 months ago by Danny Irish
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