hobbyDB’s Coolest Things We Saw at the 2024 Nuremberg Toy Fair!

Baskingshark is a long-time collector and worked for a number of years on hobbyDB.  We got him to agree to sometimes share his thoughts with our members, here is the first of those blog posts.



After a couple of years off starting in 2020 for obvious reasons, the world-famous Nuremberg Toy Fair returned in 2023 and has just wrapped up its 2024 outing. Long known as THE place for toy and collectible companies to debut their latest products, it’s always a visual feast for eventgoers as exhibitors tempt buyers by showcasing their coolest new products. Here’s a rundown of the most awesome things hobbyDB saw while navigating the Nuremberg Convention Center’s 18 huge halls…


The NTF takes place at Nuremberg Messe, which is German for “Conference Center”. Nobody was messe-ing with this guy, that was for sure.


Big Bad Boneshaker

The coolness started outside the main entrance where Mattel, looking to establish Toy Fair Dominance, had shipped in the famous Hot Wheels Boneshaker. In 1:1 scale.


Mattel's Hot Wheels Boneshaker, a cusomized 1930s pick-up truck in dark red, showcased outside the Nuremberg Toy Fair


We took the opportunity to check out the interior, which is designed more for style than practicality. But who cares about airbags when you have this many skulls?

The interior of the Boneshaker, a customized 1930s pick-up truck, showing the metal seat, steering wheel and a huge shift lever topped with a model skull.


Tin is In

Moving on inside, one of the first stands we came across was Die Blechfabrik fron Dusseldorf, who specialize in reproductions of vintage tin toys and automata. This includes delightful model vehicles, rockets and robots;

And much larger toys, which the staff were only too happy to demonstrate for us;

YouTube player


Lego Fair Bear

A little further in, we encountered this year’s fair mascot, a psychedelic bear. Recreated life-size in Lego…

That’s a LOT of Lego bricks. All fairgoers were very well behaved and resisted the urge to see if they were glued in place.


Star Wars Stormtroopers Busting Stereotypes

Movin’ right along we were immediately diverted by Nemesis Now’s stand. Makers of the original Stormtroopers Playing Poker creation, Nemesis Now bucks the “Star Wars is played out” trend with some very creative thinking involving more classic Stormtroopers. And Tai Chi. And the Statue of Liberty. And Christmas. Stormtroopers don’t spend all their time stormtrooping, you know.


Diecast Cars Go LARGE

The trend is clear. If you want to keep collecting model cars in 2024, you are going to need a much larger house. And lots of patience because 1/10, 1/8 and 1/6 scale models sold as partworks (where you get a few parts every week for.. a very long time) dominated the diecast hall. These included Leoni Spa’s 1/10 scale Toyota 2000GT;

And, er, FSO Polonez in 1/8;

Then, from Eligor we got the extra-huge 1/6 Mustang Shelby GT500 and Citroen 2CV;

A 1/8 VW T2 Camper;

Some movie tie-ins in 1/8, starting with James Bond’s Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me and the Aston-Martin DB5 from No Time To Die.

And Mad Max’s V8 Interceptor, also in 1/8 scale;

Not to be outdone, Leoni also had their 1/8 60cm tall Optimus Prime on display.

YouTube player


Then last, but far from least, there was Legrand’s award-winning Mercedes 300SLR Uhlenhaut coupe.


Self-Driving Trucks from Faller

Slot-cars are so last century. Faller, famous for their Hit-Car series back in the 1970s, have moved on to their slotless, computer controlled Digital Car system.

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Artisanal Fingerboard Kits

The startup section at Nuremberg is always a great place to find cool, innovative products. This year, we loved Creskate, who are producing the world’s first fingerboard construction kits in wood. These replicate how real skateboards are made, with five layers of wood and your choices of finish. There are beginner kits, expert kits, accessory kits and they already have at least one influencer artist who’s making a living out of building his own customs using the kits as a basis.


Battling R/C Tanks

Another major trend this year were ultra-realistic R/C vehicles which are so detailed, they can double as display models. These included supercars, trucks and military vehicles but our favorites were these gamified tanks. Not only do they look great on a shelf, they emit exhaust smoke (actually water vapor) and can “fire” at each other. The four red lights on the back represent lifelines and when you’ve been “hit” four times, your tank stops working until you reset it. Up to 14 players can play at once.


The Creepy Stuff

It wouldn’t be the Nuremberg Toy Fair without a life-size creepy clown jack-in-the-box;

Assorted skeletons;

And a Jack-O-Lantern Scarecrow dude who was hanging out with the clown.

YouTube player

But nothing was as scary as… Lederhosen!

Overall, it’s great to see the fair back in action – and we can’t wait for 2025!


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5 months ago

Great review – thanks! I gotta find out more about the Faller Digital Cars! Very cool! But are they autonomous? :-)

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