Did You Own It: The Original Voltron Action Figure


If there’s one thing most boys from the 1980s can attest to, it’s the “awesomeness” that was Voltron.

It essentially ticked all of the right boxes. Robots? Check. Lions? Check. Space fights? Double check.

Now 40 years after making its debut in 1984, we want to know…did you own the original Voltron? If you did…you might not want to handle it very much.

Get to Know Voltron

Created by Peter Keefe and Ted Koplar, Voltron was a spin-off inspired by Toei Animation’s popular Japanese series “Beast King GoLion.”

The story of Voltron features Princess Allura as she fends off the evil King Zarkon. Allura deploys her team – Hunk, Keith, Lance, Pidge and Sven – who pilot five robotic lions that, when combined, form the mighty giant space robot Voltron.

To say it rocketed in popularity would be an understatement. Beating Transformers to the American screens by one week, Voltron quickly became 1984 and 1985’s No. 1 syndicated kids show.

It was also one of the very first television shows in history to utilize stereo sound, making it a go-to choice by salesmen on the floors of many television showrooms.

Voltron, the Action Figure

Naturally, with that much television success, a line of action figures was imminent. Especially during an era that included some of the greatest action figures of all-time with Kenner’s Star Wars, Masters of the Universe and Transformers, as a few examples.

And, the ability to connect all five lions into one giant robot made Volrton a leader among them.

Matchbox introduced the first line of Voltron figures. But the success was short lived after the Consumer Product Safety Commission recall sent a million Voltrons to a nearby landfill along with 50 other defective brands, such as Romper Room Animal Train.

Voltron’s culprit? Lead-based paint.

Panosh Place took over production of Voltron action figures and the franchise boomed from there, including several reboots throughout the years.

So we want to know, did you own Voltron? Do you still own it? See it here on hobbyDB and add it to your collection!

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