A New Generation of Models of Yesteryear Collectors?

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The other day I got into an online discussion about some Matchbox’s Models of Yesteryear (or short MoY). Like Brumm, Lledo or Ziss MoY is a brand that seems to not have made the Generational Jump and thus they are often hard to sell and can represent great value for money.  My counterparty seems very young so I asked.  Elio Tofic is 8 years old, has more than 100 models already and maintained a list and Wish List of his collection – my kind of kid!  So I asked if he would write for his here and he immediately agreed (and yes, the parents were OK with this as well).  I ask a lot and normally I have to chase and more often than not nothing ever happens, but none of that here!

Elio’s 16 notes, nicely numbers and wow, good handwriting (try to read mine…)


I thought nobody would believe me and asked for some photos, and once again I did not have to wait long!

Some of Elio’s Models and Elio doing book-keeping on his collection


So here is Elio’s Story  –

       Hello my name is Elio Tofic (8 years old) and today I am gonna tell you how I started collecting models of yesteryear cars.

       It all started in Cyprus in January 2024. We went to a flea market and we found a man that was selling antiques stuff and we saw models of yesteryear cars and then we decided all 12 models he had.

       When we came home we found 2 models of days gone. We went online to check what the difference between both models and there we discovered a new world of matchbox cars.

       From the first moment I felt so inspired by these models. Each one of them had its own beauty and a story from the past to tell.

       Though the cars could not speak I still felt a strong connection with them and I decided I will become among the youngest collectors of models of yesteryear.

       But I did not know where to start from as there were too many models, colors, variations and different boxes…

       Thanks to my daddy and mommy who supported and encouraged me and found a facebook group by the name of matchbox of models of yesteryear which soon became my source of reference.

       On the facebook group, I received lots of welcoming as a new collector.

       The members were not not only friendly but also happy to share their own experience and tell stories of how they started collecting back in the days.

       I was happy to bring back their memories of going with own their fathers to collector fairs, swap meets and hunting for missing models.

       Through the Facebook group, I knew that I have found my models of yesteryear family.

       They also introduced me to the website www.matchboxmemories.com where I found all what I needed to learn about the different models, years, variations and boxes.

       With so many hours researching ebay, marketplace and other sources together with my dad, we have so far managed to buy 151 cars  (Editor’s Comment – Elio is young and still learning and did not know hobbyDB 😉 ).

       Most are recent models with straw window and maroon window types and some are duplicates but that is ok for a new starter.

       I know I have a long way to go with my collection and I encourage everyone out there to discover the models of yesteryear world.

       But just watch out as there are many scammers out there and as they say if something is being sold very cheap it is most probably too good to be true.

       I also encourage the older generation of collectors to be kind enough to pass their collections to the newer generations so this continues to be a hobby for the generations to come.


He collects Boxed as well…


Elio, I am big fan and will study your Wish List to see if I can support your hobby (as you encouraged me as an older collector to pass the goods on, so I better comply).

And secretly I hope you will become our Curator for MoY here on hobbyDB (more on curating here)!

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1 month ago

What a cool kid! I should send him some of mine!

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