Art Toy of the Week – Bone Bunny

I have been collecting designer toys since 2004 and this is my weekly column.  I also have other interests (I am for example the Curator of the Breyer Horses and Warne’s Observer’s Pocket Books and generally am known to add anything cute to my collection).


This week’s art toy is the spooky Bone Bunny from the late great Frank Kozik and produced by Medicom. Released back in 2005, Bone Bunny was the forerunner to the popular Labbit and Smorkin’ Labbit from Kozik and Kidrobot. Unlike the Labbit, 6” tall Bone Bunny had a removable top half to reveal the skeleton below. Only three colourways were released.

This is a fun and sought after collectible for early Kozik collectors, but hard to find, so if you see one up for sale, grab it!

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4 months ago

It was pity to lose one of the best contemporary artist and toy designer of the last times. At least, his work will last forever with these small treasures. 

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