hobbyDB App: Most Scanned Funko Pop! Figures in February

It’s Target season for Funko. The big red retailer and its Target Con ’24 exclusives were among the most popular Funko Pop! figures in February.

We take a look at the most scanned Funko collectibles from last month by the users of the hobbyDB App.

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What did you add to your collection in February? Tell us in the comments below!


Top-15 Most Scanned in February


15. Meruem vs. Komugi


14. Inosuke Hashibira (Chalice Collectibles)



13. Umbreon (Flocked) (Chalice Collectibles)



12. Eustass Kid (WonderCon ’23)



11. 332nd Company Trooper (Target / SE)



10. Spider-Punk #44 (Target)



9. Stephen Curry (Target Con)



8. Hello Kitty in Cake (Target Con)



7. Sniper King (Chalice)



6. Hidan



5. Elmo on Trike (Target Con)



4. Nagato (Glow in the Dark) (GameStop)



3. Eddie with Guitar (Blacklight) (Target Con)



2. Shadow & Amy (Flocked) (Target Con)



1. Knuckles (Flocked) (Target Con)



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