Collecting the Stanley Cup, the Quencher Tumblers, Not the NHL’s Holy Grail

The very mention of collecting the Stanley Cup conjures up images of bearded, toothless NHL players parading hockey’s holy grail triumphantly overhead.

The Stanley Cup is very much like a collectible in that hundreds of players annually pursue the sport’s ultimate chase piece, it arrives with an LE of just 1, and the cardinal rule is, if you don’t own it…you never touch it.

Alas, the Stanley Cup that everyone covets these days for their collections…or cupboards…has very little to do with Wayne Gretzky, the Montreal Canadiens or, even, Zambonis.

Nope. The hottest thing going for ice these days are Stanley tumblers, colloquially known as Stanley Cups.

Most notably Stanley’s Quencher series, the brand’s top seller since 2020. Which we’ve begun adding to hobbyDB!

Founded in 1913, Stanley has been producing glassware and beyond for more than a century. It took a redesign, however, and the faith in influencers to initially sell it to rehydrate the Quencher’s sagging sales numbers.

Since then, the company has witnessed its revenue go from $73 million in 2019, to $402 million in 2022, before nearly doubling in 2023 to $750 million.

With stores unable to keep the stainless steel tumblers and all of its color, style and size variants on the shelves, the question must be asked…do you collect them or do you drink from them?

Other Beverageware Success Stories

We don’t have to look far for some historical context.

Starbucks – a company that knows a thing or two about regulating optimal beverage temperatures – has created its own niche in the collecting universe with its series of city mugs, tumblers and beyond.

Hard-to-find Starbucks mugs can go for hundreds of dollars, including the Puerto Vallarta Global Icons mug with an estimated hobbyDB value of $1,770.

There’s even a Stanley + Starbucks collaboration series. See more than 2,100 Starbucks collectibles on hobbyDB here!

Then there’s always the king of collectible beverageware and containers. And its fans are even more fervent than the Starbucks collecting community.

With the popularity of its pins soaring, the Hard Rock Cafe entered the barware collectibles game in the mid-90s. And has been a juggernaut ever since with more than 3,400 barware items alone on hobbyDB.

A Black Letter Yellow Logo shot glass from Hard Rock Belo Horizonte, for example, has an estimated hobbyDB value of $280.

What’s to Come For the Stanley Cup

Can the Stanley cups simultaneously compete in both the thirst quenching and collectibles game? Time will tell. The Stanley cups are starting to branch into more themes and styles. Check out the limited edition Lunar New Year Quencher.

Perhaps they’ll become more active with franchise licensing. Might we suggest they start with Wayne Gretzky and the NHL?

We want your help! Are you an avid Stanley Cup collector? Or a fan of any of the aforementioned brands? We’re always looking for experts, fans and more to bring their knowledge-base to hobbyDB as a member of our volunteer Squad. More information available here!

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