Hot Wheels’ Best Superhero Model Cars and Beyond from Marvel and DC Comics

If there’s one trait that all superheroes have in common…it’s that they all know how to roll (or fly) in style.

Hot Wheels and superheroes have a long history together that stretches through the universes of both Marvel and DC Comics and beyond.

So just like the debate over who is the best superhero, we want to know… what superhero has the best Hot Wheels model(s)?

Tell us in the comments below! Check out some candidates for our favorites…


Hot Wheels & Superheroes



Spider-Man (The Heroes 1979)

Perhaps one of the most iconic superhero Hot Wheels cars of all time. A staple in the collections of just about every 80s kid. You’ll still find plenty of them at great prices.


The Batmobile!

The king of them all…the Batmobile! The Classic TV Series Tooned Batmobile is the most owned among more than 540 versions of Hot Wheels Batmobiles found on hobbyDB! See them all!


Hot Wheels Scene Machines

Spider-Man Van


Iron Man Van


Hulk Van


Captain America Van

We’re not sure why Hot Wheels believes every superhero needs their own Van, but it works. Especially 1979’s classic Scene Machine collection.


Nostalgia – DC Comics

’34 Ford Sedan Delivery – Robin, ’77 Custom Dodge Van – The Penguin, ’59 Cadillac Funny Car – Cat Woman & ’50s Chevy Truck – Batman… a quartet with an estimated hobbyDB value of $125 from Hot Wheels Nostalgia/Pop Culture collection!


Wonder Woman – Invisible Jet


Wonder’s Woman’s Invisible Jet exclusive from the 2010 San Diegeo Comic Con has an estimated hobbyDB value of $220!



Fun fact, the cape made the 2012 DC Universe Superman much faster.




Thanos snapped his fingers and wished himself a Hot Wheels Thanoscopter, of all things.


The Thing

As if the Thing wasn’t already strong enough, Hot Wheels threw him behind the wheel of this sweet 1978 model with an estimated hobbyDB value of $130.




What’s scarier than Wolverine coming at you? How about Wolverine coming at you in a Hot Wheels Monster Jam with a crushable car!


What’s Hot Wheels’ Best Superhero Ride?

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1 month ago

It’s hard to beat the invisible jet! I bought one but I can’t find it anymore! 🙂

1 month ago
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