hobbyDB App: 400,000 Downloads and Growing! See What’s to Come!

Are you among more than hundreds of thousands of fans maximizing their collecting experience via the hobbyDB App?


We’re thrilled to see the App recently surpass more than 400,000 downloads, but we’re even more excited about what’s to come from the perfect tool for building your collection.


Get to Know the hobbyDB App

The hobbyDB App provides direct access to your Showcase, Collection and Wish List. All with the simple click of a button. But there’s so much more the App is capable of.


Barcode Tech

More and more companies are applying barcoding capabilities to track each separate product. The hobbyDB App brings these collectibles directly to you with a simple point-and-click.

So what can we scan?

We know the thought of adding all of those collectibles manually to your hobbyDB collection can look like a daunting task. Here’s where you can call upon the hobbyDB App.

The App’s tech allows you to easily scan a UPC code or other specialized barcode to easily find that item in the hobbyDB database.  We have also started adding Retailer specific barcodes like Gamestop or Hot Topic (this is important as they often apply their UPC barcode over the brand’s own barcode).

This can be particularly handy while out shopping. With a quick scan, you can check an item’s estimated value, whether or not you already own it, and lots more.


hobbyDB Retail Network

With the hobbyDB App, we’re looking to change the way you shop for your favorite collectibles.

You’ll find direct access to the first nine shops via the App to the hobbyDB Retail Network. It’s here where you can personalize where and what you’re shopping for. On the left for example you find North Carolina’s Dragon’s Hoard.


And to come!

The hobbyDB App isn’t done there. We have lots of great new features on the horizon.

Soon you’ll find better integration, which will remove the need to log-in to the hobbyDB website separately (using a technology that is called OAuth).

Once in the App, you’ll find ways to personalize your activity stream to your own collectible interests by following your favorite brands, subjects and series, as well as designers, sellers, other members and lots more.

Plus, we plan to be introducing an image recognition feature so that you can take a photo of a collectible that does not have a Barcode and the app will show you the closest matches in the database.


Have you downloaded it yet?

Are you ready to start scanning and beyond with the hobbyDB App?  Download here  –




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